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Give us your Pitch! – Your Window to your current Crowdfunding Project

A new Feature for TheEmployable is to highlight current crowdfunding projects that are about to go live or are currently in the process of seeking funding using a crowdfunding platform…

Our first pitch comes from Noel Heaney, who is pitching for ‘Jigsaw’, an Irish Arts Publication, looking for funding to create the Jigsaw Annual Arts Publication, with the intention of highlighting Irish Artists and their work…

Over to Noel……

“Jigsaw is a continuing project, which looks to illuminate Irish artists, their work, and their individual story, and to bring all these elements together to create something beautiful. The aim is to provide a platform for creatives to showcase their work, not only for us to celebrate our talent, but act as a document for the rest of the world. 

We believe an annual publication would act as a stamp of intent for the future and proof of our distinct Irish identity. It’s about our stories, our artists and how Ireland has directly or indirectly influenced them and their work.

Ireland’s unique culture has always bled into the fabric of the art we produce here. For such a small island, we have an abundance of artistic relevance. We are a country with a plethora of artists. We sport a huge range of diversity across the 32 counties, with honesty, craft, mythology and storytelling some of the core traits for which we are famous.

An annual book would provide a platform, which would change and evolve from year to year with each issue acting as a bookmark for that particular time and the direction we as Irish creative’s were headed.

The project has been set up as a vehicle, which can be re-visited or re-interpreted as it grows. What started as a magazine, will soon become an annual. Future plans are to stage art shows, workshops, and an online blog. As the community of creative’s involved grows, so too will the ideas and the outlets.

And indeed community is the essential part of what has fueled the project thus far, and what will hopefully continue to grow it. When going through possible funding options for the new annual project, the growth of crowd funding coupled with the relevance it would have to fund this particular project this way, seems to click.

Kickstarter has been a revelation to creative projects worldwide, which otherwise would not have existed. And when the Irish website Fundit.ie went live, and gained instant notoriety, it seems like the most honest funding option for the latest Jigsaw project. This way, we can try to gain support and involve the community as much as possible, and in many ways, it will hopefully highlight the need for such a publication.

We need all the help we can get, so please, if you are interested in being involved and support the project, visit www.fundit.ie and fund away!! 

Thanks so much.”

Watch their Pitch Video below:


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