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How to Handle Multiple Job Offers

question-markLet’s face it. After all that hard work creating the perfect CV and preparing for interview, it’s a pretty good feeling when the end result is you being offered the job. It’s the goal you had in mind the whole way through after all. However, what happens if you get another job offer, or better still, a third? Whilst this is a problem that we don’t all always have to face, it is still a problem nonetheless. Here are some tips on how to handle multiple job offers that we hope will help should you be in the midst of facing a problem just like this.

Take your time

The worst thing that you can do when faced with a few job offers is to make a rash impulsive decision. No employer or recruiter will think anything worse of you if you ask them for a little time to deliberate over things. They don’t need to know there and then that you have another offer on the table – simply ask them politely for a little time before you give them your definitive answer. Of course it’s important to make sure that you let them know how pleased you are to be offered the role in the first place. If you do this properly, then asking for a day or at best a couple of days to mull things over should not be an issue at all.

Make a list

It’s often difficult to fully assess in one’s mind how two or more job offers compare. Each will have its merits and each its disadvantages. It’s always best to get the old notepad and pen out and make a list – the pros and cons of each. Outline all the main factors – the location, the working hours, the salary and the additional benefits and perks. Also don’t forget the less tangible factors such as the company culture and how the role fits in with your own career objectives. They matter too when you are making your final decision. Some of us might be motivated by money only and therefore financial remuneration will be the only deciding factor, whilst some of us look at factors that are a lot more general in nature. The important thing is to simply make the decision that is right for you.

Be respectful

When you have finally made your decision, do be respectful and let the employer or recruiter know as quickly as possible. If you are accepting the role, it will of course ensure that they get the ball rolling with regards to your formal offer and contract of employment etc. The quicker that all gets sorted, the quicker you can start in the job! If you are not accepting, then letting them know as quickly as possible will be of interest to the employer. After all, they are likely to have a reserve candidate who would be more than happy to accept. That could be you at another given time! Be respectful and professional at all times.

Be courteous when changing your mind

If you accept a job offer and then change your mind at the last minute because of another job offer, it’s important to maintain an air of professionalism when communicating this to the employer. Once you have accepted a job, they will after all have started to make arrangements for you to join the company – sorting out everything from creating your employment contract through to organising your laptop or company phone! By changing your mind, you are in a sense putting a spanner in the works! Make sure that you let them know as soon as you can and that you remain courteous and convey gratitude for the fact that they offered you the role in the first place. Be sincere in your apologies on how you may have caused them an inconvenience. Who knows when you may meet them again down the line, so make sure that you leave on as positive a note as you can.

We hope that by outlining these basic tips on how to handle multiple job offers that we have helped any of you who end up facing just such a dilemma!



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