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How an Executive MBA can advance your career…


We all know that today’s employment market is a tough one and is not yet showing any immediate signs of getting any easier. Staying ahead of the competition in such a challenging market is not just an advantageous thing to do, but is an essential thing to do. Even those of us who are still in employment, need to do all we can to ensure that we remain driven about our careers and realize that if we really want to have more opportunities and career advancement at our disposal, then the onus is on us. One of the best ways that we can actually get all the essential tools that we would need for such career advancement would be by undertaking an Executive MBA. And one of the best places to actually do that is the famous and prestigious London Business School.

If you’re wondering whether their EMBA would be for you and what benefits you could gain from doing it, then check out our brief guidelines below:

Firstly, there are all sorts of reasons as to why you may be motivated to do this for your career. For example:

  • You may want to take your career into your own hands
  • You may have been identified as top talent or have recently been promoted and are looking to plug gaps in your knowledge
  • You may want to accelerate your career and are looking for the management and leadership skills to help you do that
  • You may want to make a career change (new industry, function or start your own business) and are looking to broaden your knowledge, perspectives and networks to help you do that
  • You might be an entrepreneur looking for the skills/funding/connections to make a significant shift
  • You may be seeking the recognition, credibility and opportunities that a world-class MBA can deliver
  • You may want a more rewarding career – fresh inspiration, more choices and opportunities

As for the impact on your career, there are numerous benefits to be had, including:

  • Immediate impact – the programme format enables you to improve your performance immediately, as you apply each new skill or piece of knowledge, assess the value and relevance to you and your organisation, and build upon it. Many Executive MBA students experience increased levels of responsibility and seniority within their organisation while still studying.
  • Financial R.O.I. – the Financial Times EMBA Rankings 2011 reports that London Business School Executive MBA alumni typically increase their salary by up to 79% just three years after graduating
  • Personal R.O.I – learning with and from world-class faculty and your Executive MBA peers, you have access to practical business expertise and new ways of thinking that will change your approach to decision making, and give you the knowledge, inspiration and contacts to shape your future – putting you in the driving seat. Alumni continue to benefit from the School’s reputation, recognition and global networks well beyond their time on the programme
  • Grow your network– the bonds and friendships you develop with your core network of classmates will continue to add value as you move through your career. As a member of the London Business School alumni community, you can also access to life-long international business contacts through the 34,000 strong alumni network. London Business School offers a rich calendar of networking events with students, alumni and influential guest speakers, providing invaluable exposure to a variety of ideas, perspectives and networks – opening up a world of opportunities well beyond your time on the programme
  • Career support – a dedicated Career Coach will work with you throughout the programme to identify the best possible ways to achieve your career goals and support your career development. Coaching is complemented by a rich programme of workshops, lectures and group work on career development topics. As a graduate, you gain access to the School’s Alumni Career Services – providing a valuable resource for your future professional development.
  • Connect with recruiters – regular recruiter events held by the School enable you – as a student and alumnus – to meet face-to-face with companies and institutions from around the world.

One person who can personally vouch for the positive impact that the EMBA has had on her career is former EMBA student, Ulrika Hedlund, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Business Productivity FZ LLC  who completed the programme in 2011. Ulrika says: “When I first started the EMBA, I thought I would stay at my current company, but throughout the programme I started toying with the idea of setting up my own business. Three months after graduation I resigned and set up my own business. These past few months have been an exciting and rewarding journey and I keep learning and developing every day. For me, the EMBA at London Business School has had an enormous impact on my life. I would recommend it to anyone who has the same drive for professional development and thirst for knowledge as I do!”


If you feel this could be just what you need to take your career to the next level, why not check out the London Business School website. For more information on this download one of the brochures


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