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How to Become a Hotel Manager

How to Become a Hotel Manager…

Unlike the Channel 4 series ‘The Hotel’ which offers up an example of mishap Management, a typical Hotel ManagerHotel Management position, whilst offering up the same level of responsibility does not have to be so shambolic.

Basically, as a Hotel Manager you are responsible for the overall Management of the Hotel, its performance and the Management of its staff ( so nothing basic about that then!) This will involve both front of House management and back office operational and financial management. Getting a position as a Hotel Manager may be a challenge, but we hope these pointers below help you decide if this is a potential career path for you.

Qualifications (UK)

There are really two main routes to entry for a career in Hotel Management – the “on the job” experience route and the Management training route that some of the larger Hotel chains operate.

That being said however, an education background in a Hospitality related subject is not going to do you any harm, whether at HND or Degree level.

As you work your way up the Hotel ranks, having a relatable degree or equivalent, may assist your job application when up against comparably experienced candidates for the role, however it is unlikely to be the main deciding factor initially.

Larger hotels may have a number of Hotel Management roles, for example, to manage particular departments, therefore a qualification in a specific business subject may also be advantageous.


If you want to be a Hotel Manager and think that the route to entry is a speedy one – think again. This is a very responsible position and really needs someone who has all round experience of working in a Hotel from the bottom up. Even in a trainee Management position, where you are in essence a ‘Hotel Manager in waiting’, you will be expected to gain on-the-ground experience in a variety of departmental roles before you could be considered.

If you think a career in hospitality management is for you it may be worthwhile trying to obtain a work placement or internship working in a Hotel. Perhaps try your luck and ask if you can shadow the Management team for a week or two to gain a better understanding of the role.

Gain experience as soon as you can in entry level positions and ask for more responsibility and look for job opportunities to climb the ladder as roles become available.

If you are considering a career change and think that a position as a Hotel Manager is for you, then it may be perhaps advantageous to see if any of your previous work experience relates to a certain departmental area of the Hotel. For example if you have been an Office Manager – could you become the Office Manager of the Hotel, and then potentially work your way up from there?

Type of Person

This can be a frantic and hectic environment to work in, so having a calm and reassuring character will stand you well. If you are likely to panic and worry under pressure, a general Management role maybe a step too far. This is a role where you will have to (and quite often) deal with complaints, issues and operational problems, so having the ability to think clearly, act professionally and be able to problem solve is key. If you are keen to put on a show, perform and like mixing with other people, then a role where you need to manage both the hospitality of others and the expectations and performance of your hotel workforce may suit you well. As this is a Management role, a good head for figures, being able to multi-task, and communicate effectively are all essential traits to have.

Still fancy a career as a Hotel Manager? Good luck!! We hope these basic tips help you along the way…

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