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How to Improve Your Employability – Try Out These Free Courses…

We are all aware that one of the main ways to either improve our employment prospects or simply boost our skills and knowledge is to do a course of some type.

Such courses are usually held at local colleges or universities and can quite often have hefty fees, even if you are entitled to concessionary discounts. However, there are also quite a number of courses that can be undertaken online, in the comfort of your own home and best of all for FREE! So, today we thought we would highlight just a few of the places where you can do just that.

Happy Learning!


Affiliated to the Open University, OpenLearn is a free online learning site which offers over 600 courses, from introductory to advanced levels. Course subjects include Arts, Business, Technology and Science. Although you don’t get a qualification at the end, these courses do supplement and boost your existing skills and knowledge. For details of what courses are available and how to get started, click here.



Alison offers a wide range of free course in everything from website design through to digital prhotography. Again all courses are free and it is free to register. The only potential issue is that to receive a certificate at the end of a course, there may be a fee.
Check out what Alison could offer you by clicking here.


BBC Learning

The good old BBC is another excellent source for free learning. Courses covered include Languages, I.T. and even First Aid and Horticulture. Click here for more details on the subjects available, an insight into course modules and how to sign up.


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