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Job application follow up Etiquette

After the closing date

You have confirmed your application……and then you wait. Most jobs that are advertised have some type of closing date. Even a recruitment agency probably has an ideal time for when a job needs to be filled. If, 5-6 days after the closing date, you have not heard a thing, then perhaps it is time to chase it up. This does not mean however, (and from experience, these are common things that can happen) harassing the employer or recruiter and being rude. No matter how urgently you want to hear about your application, (which can be understandable) a recruiter has a process to follow. A professional email, rather than a telephone call, simply by asking for an update, would be a much better thing to do is still hanging on for job application feedback.

Don’t take it thick!

As much as the job seeking process can be a thoroughly frustrating affair, the worst thing you can do, is to take it personally. The reality is, that recession or not, a recruiter or hiring manager is looking for specific skills, experience, education and even attitude, and sadly maybe you just don’t have it, on this occasion. Some applicants, on finding out that they are not short-listable or applicable for a role, take on the role of the ‘expert’ and try explaining to an employer or recruiter, why they are making a big mistake. Whether you think this or not, it would be perhaps more advantageous to ask ‘why’ you were not shortlisted or suitable for the role. In doing so, you may learn how you can improve, both in terms of experience, and also in how you laid out your application or CV in the first place. So when undertaking your job application follow up – don’t take it thick!

We hope these job application follow up tips come in handy and wish you all the best in your job search.

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