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New year, new career

With everyone around you talking about setting New Year resolutions and then proceeding to discard them, you could be forgiven for thinking the whole process is a waste of your time. However the problem could lie in setting the right resolutions. Big life changes such as changing your diet and adding exercise to your day are hard to keep up, most of us can vouch for this. There’s plenty rewards from these but they’re slow in coming and not always obvious at first.

So how do you pick the right resolution, and how do you stick with it?

Maybe move away from the diet and exercise related resolutions this year and try out a new, more professional route. Maybe you’re looking for more pay, to move up the professional ladder, or to change profession all together? Now is the time to set these goals and make the changes you need.

Use the below list to help guide you to achieving your goal.

I will attend networking events

handshakeIt’s a well-known thought that, in business, it’s not always about what you know, but who you know. Plus making sure you’re known by the right people can make the application and interview stages of finding a job much smoother. Networking in the  right places can reveal and open up much more opportunities for your career progression as well as giving you a better idea of your competition.

I will keep my social presence up to date

You’ll have heard it enough by now, but your social media presence is so important when seeking out a new job. This doesn’t just mean refraining from bad content and posts either, we mean creating a brand that fully represents you, your opinions and your passions. Make sure you’re active and visible on LinkedIn and Twitter, and you’re engaging with peers and thought leaders in the industry.

I will leave work in work

A work life balance is so important. Spending too much time in work may seem productive but in the long run it can leave you feeling under-appreciated, unmotivated and unproductive. In workLifeBalance2016 only take on as much as you can and produce the best results rather than substandard work on a larger scale.

I will evaluate my work

If you’ve lost the passion for your work, then you’ll need to evaluate why that is. Are you doing something differently, working with different people, or have an increased workload? This could be what spurs you on to make a change in 2016, find a role you love, and be passionate about what you’re doing.

I will learn new skills

Whether you’re looking to completely change your career or not, skillthere will always be something new to learn. The world is constantly changing and no industry is immune, so find out where you could improve and find the training you need to do so.

These tips have been inspired by the well-known building society Nationwide. As a business they are dedicated to supporting their people, helping them progress at their own pace through the company and opening up new and different opportunities to all. Visit their site for all the latest career postings and more information about the company culture.


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