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Six Office Skills for the Next Generation

As many of the more traditional office skills are being automated, large chunks of your skills and expertise section on your CV are being rendered useless. Here we highlight seven skills which employees will be looking for in greater volume over the next few years.

Google Analytics

An ability to analyse Google trends and the performance of the company in search engine rankings is incredibly attractive to smaller companies who cannot afford to allocate funds to a dedicated search marketing teams. Knowledge of Google Analytics, SEO and PPC could set you apart from other candidates for an office-based role.

3D Printing

The technology has not yet progressed to simple ‘press n print’ functionality, so offices and workplaces looking to utilise 3D printing will require a trained individual to operate a 3D printer.

i.t. skillsA spokesperson from printer specialists, Printerland, explains: “3D printers have already started to revolutionise productivity in workplaces – trained engineers will find themselves growing in demand as more companies utilise the technology.”

Potentially, 3D printing will make it more production more affordable for smaller companies so will be utilised in increasing volume as the unit prices continues to fall and the technology continues to improve. QA currently offer a selection of one to five day 3D printing courses for interested individuals.

Cloud Storage

Hot desking and aiming for reduced the carbon footprint of the office means that more and more office workers are working from home. Demonstrating experience with sharing documents and files on a cloud storage system such as Dropbox or OneDrive can help employers determine that you’d fit seamlessly into the office’s operations.

Social Media

If you have managed to attract a large volume of followers, friends and likes on personal social media social-mediaaccounts – employers may believe you could replicate this success with a corporate account. Richard Branson has stressed the importance of companies interacting with their customers and audience through social media; and even the most technologically-ignorant companies are trying to benefit from Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr.

A Unique Personality

CV templates and recruiter-controlled job applications have created a confused homogenous mass of potential employees wherein candidates are indistinguishable from one another. Demonstrate value and separate yourself from the herd by showcasing individuality on your CV – particularly when applying for a cv imagecreative role. If you are hoping to be employed in a creative industry, showcase your creative flair on your CV by lifting the ‘About Me’ section above experience and qualifications.

Up-To-Date Technology Understanding

A current and relevant understanding of the latest programs and apps which could benefit business demonstrates a willingness to stay ahead of the curve and incorporate new technologies as the company progresses. Even if the employer does not think these programs or apps could benefit his/her business, they will appreciate a pro-active attitude towards technological progression.


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