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Social Media and your Job Search – The Employable’s Top Tips

In the last few years, more and more organisations are using Social Media as an effective way to connect and engage with their clients, customers and with potential new employees. Likewise, many jobseekers have started to use Social Media sites as an additional way to find out what jobs are available and also to connect with recruiters and hiring companies.

So, if you have been thinking about using Social Media to aid in your job search, then why not check out our basic Top Tips for doing just that….

Focus on your public profile

Many recruiters and employers have recently admitted that they often do online searches on social media sites for candidates before proceeding with their job applications. They have admitted too that in some cases, some of what they have found has led them not to proceed any further with particular candidates’ applications.  If you are concerned with what a potential employer may find out about you, then do a quick Google search and check exactly what information is in the public domain. Of course those embarrassing photos from university may just be a laugh, that joke you posted may be *ahem*  questionable in terms of taste, but if you are concerned that a prospective employer may find them to be offensive or an issue, then take action now.  Check your privacy settings, delete anything that may become an issue or just think carefully the next time you are posting something.

Some job seekers who want to add to their resume might consider an MBA or an organizational leadership masters degree from an accredited school.

Be Open

If you are looking for a job, don’t be afraid to say so. Use your Linkedin connections to see what  positions are available. Many jobs are filled through in-house referral schemes. Find out if you can be recommended for any positions that perhaps haven’t even been advertised. Add to your Twitter bio the fact that you are looking for a job – include your Linkedin profile or a link to your CV. If you do happen to be of interest to an employer or a recruiter, this means they can immediately check out the details that matter to them about your skills and experience. Be careful though not to spam recruiters or companies with messages about hiring you. Although some people have managed to undertake well documented and orchestrated Social Media campaigns to get a job, they tend to be the exception, rather than the rule.

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