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Social Media and your Job Search – The Employable’s Top Tips

Be active

There is no point in following lots of people on Twitter or having lots of people in your Linkedin network if you never actually engage with them. If you want to stand out as a potential employee, then make your presence felt. In a good way of course. Make sure that you are demonstrating your knowledge and experience by participating in discussions and debates. Use Linkedin Answers and share your expertise with other people in your chosen industry. On Twitter, chat and engage with relevant people in your profession or industry. Starting conversations and developing key contacts with the right people can really benefit your job search.

Network with the right people

If you are using Linkedin, make sure that you are joining Groups that are relevant to your particular market sector or profession. On Twitter, follow the recruiters, companies and industry professionals who matter. Many companies may have several Twitter accounts so make sure that you are following the accounts that tweet jobs and careers information. If the company does not tweet job opportunities, following certain departments or key members of staff can still be of benefit by helping you learn all about the culture and organisation itself.
The key thing to remember is that it is not about the number of people who are in your network , but more about the quality of that network.

Do let us know if you have any more tips or what experiences you’ve had with using Social Media to find a job by using the comments section below .

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