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Tell-tale signs you’re looking for a new job

So, you’re on the hunt for a new job and have started the process of looking. And it’s a common concern, how do you keep this secret from your current employer? Easy you may think, ‘just don’t tell em’!

However in reality, whether you think it or not, there are signs that your employer will be able to spot that could give Silhouette-Gang-Holding-Blank-Signs-psd18931the game away, tell-tale signs that you are actively on the hunt. Here are a few of the main tell-tale job seeking signs worth remembering:

Dressing to impress

We’re not implying that you dont usually dress to impress – this might be the case after all. However, even if you are a fashion king or queen, you are pretty likely to make an extra effort if you are heading off to a job interview in your lunch break, after work, or during that ‘dental appointment’ that you just can’t cancel. Being clean shaven, having extra shiny shoes or wearing that new suit, might set the alarm bells ringing!

Asking for time off

This leads on from the aforementioned ‘dental appointment’ situation. Asking your boss for time off at short notice is often a give-away sign that you potentially have a job interview coming up – even if it is not the case. Asking for a few hours off too (rather than a whole day) can also be a little suggestive and it might be better to book a whole day off just to avoid that awkward conversation with your manager.

Asking about entitlements

Nothing appears more ‘unusual’ or obvious to an employer then an employee who suddenly becomes very interested in their employee entitlements. Of course, you do need to always be aware of your rights etc and it’s not wholly unusual to ask about bank holidays, holiday entitlements and so on. However whenever you start asking HR for a copy of your employment contract (because you’ve lost the original), or you ask how much notice you need to give if and when you want to hand your notice in, well these are pretty much signs that you are at least on the look out.

Telling people in your team

They might be your mates, but mixing your job-seeking exploits by telling your work colleagues can be a recipe for disaster. Of course your work colleagues may be loyal to you as a friend, however they may also have loyalty to their, and your current employer. Even if they don’t tell your boss directly, they may be inclined to at least hint at your possible exit.

Well, we hope these tell tale signs help you be a little more discreet in your job-seeking endeavours and of course, good luck, if this is what you are up at the moment too!


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