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The new breed of IT jobs

With the IT industry branching out ever since the day it was integrated into the world, the need to push beyond mere IT Jobstechnical roles has cascaded into a flurry of different occupations which include IT business analyst jobs and biostatistics jobs.

It is these kinds of roles that are being highlighted within the new generation of finance and banking jobs, allowing those with IT prowess to move away from performing solely technical processes and stretch their intelligence that little bit further.

In regards to IT business analysts, they are the ones that facilitate those looking to make the top dollar in their particular business through cost effective and efficient strategic technical solutions. You will not find an IT business analyst designing databases or building programmes, but instead they will be the ones developing and managing the requirements necessary to meet a set business goal.

IT business analysts could very well be those who help companies (and even individuals) make a lot of money, with traders looking to the likes of people in these roles to help them make decisions based on thorough research. It would almost make Gordon Gecko want to have been at his peak in the 21st Century.

These days though, there is often a twist in the tale with people in this sort of business, as the sector of work isn’t necessarily based solely on finance or making money on the stock market. This line of work has branched out into the likes of pharmaceutical and clinical sectors.

The likes of Cititec.com biostatistics jobs is proof of this, with a biostatician expected to be able to register and catalogue the results of clinical tests and also create the statistical plans for clinical trials. It is possible for such an occupation to work with a clinical trial from its birth right up to the final product, preparing a publication of study along the way. This area is also known as biometry or biometrics.

For such a job, you would obviously need a strong academic background, which means having a Masters or a PhD behind you that has a statistics focus. As well as such an education, your knowledge must be applicable to clinical data, as well as excellent communication and written skills.

There are so many other areas where IT has broadened its horizons over the last decade or so, which include the likes of risk management jobs, oil and gas jobs and engineering.

About the author: Sam writes for Cititec Technical recruitment. For more information click here.

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