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The most sought after jobs in TV and film production…

The most sought after jobs in TV and film production – A guest Post…

Because jobs in the TV and film industries are usually well paid and very enjoyable, they are highly sought after and there is a great deal of competition for most of the jobs on offer. People also tend to stay in these jobs for long periods of time, usually forging a lasting career, and this makes such positions even harder to come by. Nonetheless, with the right attitude and the right skills, it is still possible to find great jobs in TV and film production.

Producing and Directing
Producer and director positions are two of the most sought after jobs because there are usually only one or two openings at each production company, or on a particular programme or film. At this level it is extremely competitive, and results are everything. With so many other directors and producers lying in wait, there is little room for poor results in one of these positions, so having a strong portfolio is vital.

Modern directors and producers come from quite a specific educational background in most cases, and this tends to limit the number of people considered for each job. Writers, however, arguably have even more competition when it comes to securing a job in TV and film production. As well as all the existing established writers, there are masses of new writers coming through all the time, providing competition for the established names.

As well as those who tailor their education around becoming a TV or film writer, there are many others who simply decide that they want to enter into this field. This group is usually made up of people who have been to university and gained an unrelated degree, and also people who are simply talented writers and feel that they might be successful in the TV or film industry.

Another highly sought after job in the TV and film industries is that of editor. Editors are extremely skilled individuals who understand both the principles and the tools involved in producing a programme for broadcast or a film for cinematic release. They play a massive part in shaping the narrative and determining the overall look and feel of a production.
Have you got what it takes?

In reality, competition is extremely high for most jobs in the TV and film industries, partly because people expect them to be glamorous and well paid, but also because of the level of passion involved. As a result, there are usually a large number of applicants for every opportunity and only the very best make the cut. But if you have the right amount of ambition and commitment, and a willingness to learn, you might just get a break.

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