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Things you should never say at Interview

‘I don’t know’
If you have prepared properly for your interview the ‘I don’t know’ phrase should never come from your lips during an interview. If it does, it is showing an interviewer that you haven’t prepared, that you are lacking in knowledge or that you are ill equipped to deal with the job. You are given one shot at an interview – there are no second chances to impress, therefore you should always answer every question asked of you properly. If you are unsure what an interviewer means by a particular question, it is much better to ask them to repeat or clarify what they are asking and then answer as opposed to simply answering with the verbal equivalent of a shrug of the shoulders.

Slang words and phrases
There is a time and a place where slang words and phrases may be accepted, but an interview is not one of them. Being overly familiar or casual will send the wrong impressions to the interviewer. If you are to be considered as a professional and serious candidate, it is essential that you speak properly and can be easily understood. The last thing an interviewer should have to do is ask you to ‘translate’ what you mean into a language that they understand! Likewise, never say anything that could be deemed offensive or discriminatory. And if you are prone to littering your conversation with profanities, it’s time to control them. Never let your guard down.

These are our main tips for the things that you should never say at interview. If you feel there are other important ones that we ought to have included, do let us know via the comments section below. Why not Sign up for our free newsletter for more top tips and articles…

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