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Tips on How to Improve Your Recruitment Skills

Having a hard time going through the recruitment process? Well, maybe you have posted a great job ad post and attracted several applicants. But how do you ensure that the particular candidate is a suitable fit? In that case, you need to stay focused and remind yourself that your core motive is to acquire in-demand talent.
So, you have a strong will to work, considering that you have opted for various strategies.
However, besides a strong determination, you also need to learn some recruitment skills no matter what organization or niche you are working with. Therefore, here are some of the essential skills you need to take note of right now for a streamlined hiring process.

Active Listening

The best way the recruiter can get to know the candidate is by listening to them. Therefore, while interviewing, don’t just focus on asking questions, instead let them talk. Stay in the moment and let them finish before you respond to them. Maintain proper eye contact and nod to imply you are listening to them actively. Make sure that the candidates feel understood while being interviewed.
Ask them questions that have open-ended answers. Welcome their ideas and perspectives instead of interjecting their opinion with your own ideology. An example of this can be found in quantity surveyor recruiting, a recruiter wants to hear what the candidate surveyor has to say about a project and as they have spent a long time training and gaining very complex and niche knowledge they want to know that what they say has been heard. After they are done with their part of speaking, you can share your view. Once they feel involved, they will form a positive notion of the work culture and will look forward to work for you.


When we talk about empathy doing recruitment, we mean the ability to understand and identify with the candidate’s situation or feelings. It’s of utmost importance that the interviewer understands the stressful situation of the interviewee and help them relax. Try to put yourselves in the candidate’s shoes. Think about what you would do when in the same problem. Unless the candidate is not in his relieved phase, you cannot get the best out of him.

Furthermore, this will help you enormously in engaging effectively with the candidate. All recruiters out there are highly advised to keep an open mind during the interview to make the interviewee feel comfortable. This is a concept now preached by most business coaches up and down the country and especially business coaches hired in Leeds. Therefore, wherever your business is based, keep empathy in force and drive the most sought-for talent in your organization.

Planning and Preparation

Ultimately, do not rush into the decision. Even during the interview, give the candidate enough time to collect his thoughts and frame the answer. Not doing this might lead you to lose someone who was extremely deserving. Jot down the ideas that enticed you and the ones that were not relevant. This way, you can shortlist the number of candidates you want to proceed with.

After you have interviewed the batch of candidates, research each of them individually and find out their plus points. Of course, you are likely to come across their shortcomings as well. Check whether the number of positives outnumbers the negatives. If yes, he may be the next great asset of the company. You need to be ready with proper planning and preparation.


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