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Common Interview Mistakes

If you’re really keen to get a new job, it would be fair to assume that you’ll be doing all that you can to get things right by creating the perfect CV which will hopefully ensure that you’ll get invited to interview by the employer. However, as we all know, the CV is simply the first step – it’s a means to an end in a sense. mistakesAn even more critical step is the interview itself and it’s unfortunately at this point that many candidates undo all the good work that they did with their CV and let themselves down badly. If you want to make sure that you’re not one of those candidates – make sure that you avoid these Common Interview Mistakes.

Little or no knowledge of the company

With the abundance of resources which exist these days – both online and offline, there is really no excuse not to have done some research about the company. Failing to do so conveys a real lack of care to the employer and will do you no favours whatsoever. No employer will expect you to have encyclopedic knowledge about them, but they will at the very least expect you to have some knowledge. And that knowledge can be gained so easily these days – whether it’s from the company’s own website or a news article, spend a little time in advance of your interview finding out some more about them – do your research – it will be time well spent.

Poor Body Language

Yes – it’s not just what you say, it’s all the things you don’t say too. Your body language could be letting you down badly at a job interview. It’s therefore essential that you focus some time on getting it right. Make sure that you have a good firm handshake. Have good eye contact with the interviewer. Don’t slump in your chair – sit upright and show that you are attentive. If you tend to use your hands quite dramatically when you speak, this can be pretty distracting and off-putting to an interviewer – therefore you should clasp them together as a deterrent to yourself!

Failing to heed the Practicals

Whether it’s dressing inappropriately or arriving too late or too early, the practical elements can let many candidates down at interview. An interviewer will expect a good candidate to arrive on time, be well presented and to have paid attention to any instructions that were provided prior to the interview. For example, if you are asked to bring proof of qualifications or particular ID documents and you forget to do so, it’s painting a pretty negative picture of you. Admittedly, we can all forget things at times, but at an interview more than any other time, you really have to ensure that you don’t!

Lack of interest and enthusiasm

If your CV claims that you are a really driven and motivated individual and that you are passionate about your career, that is what an employer will expect to see from you at interview. They won’t expect to see someone who can’t seem to muster up any enthusiasm or who appears quite disinterested and nonchalant when asked any questions. Be the person your CV claims you are!

We hope that by highlighting some of these common interview mistakes, we’re actually helping some of you avoid them! Got any other tips you’d like to share? Why not let us know via the comments below.


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