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How to Answer “What is your greatest achievement?” TheEmployable Interview Tips

When answering this question, it won’t help to simply state what your achievement is and leave it at that. Of course most interviewers may ask you more questions, but you can actually take control and save them the trouble. By detailing what you achieved, and speaking about the background and the circumstances and then about the impact and benefits that your actions had, you are answering this question much more effectively. Painting a much more detailed picture of your achievement will help you “sell” yourself much better to the interviewer.

The easiest way to approach this question is to think of something of real value that you achieved – something that is actually measurable . Whether that is related to sales figures achieved or an example of how you saved your previous employer time or money, this type of accomplishment will have much more of a resonance with the interviewer. Try and come up with examples where your actions had an impact which was truly quantifiable. This will help to distinguish you from other candidates which of course is what your overall aim is to do throughout the interview.

Hopefully some of these basic tips will help you when you are next preparing for an interview and when faced with the ‘what is your greatest achievement’ question. We’d love you to share any other tips and suggestions you have for answering this question. Please feel free to let us know via the comments section below. Why not Sign up for our free newsletter for more top tips and articles…

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