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Searching and Applying for Jobs. Our to-do list to start 2016

Last week we started our ‘list of things to do in 2016’ to get your job search in order with a heap of fab tips posts on using Social Media for your Job Search.

Now with 2016 upon us properly, we return with our second recap post, that will be mighty handy if a new job, making yourself more employable in 2016 or change of career is under consideration as part of your new year’s resolutions!

So to help we’ve listed a number of the things you might want to do that might just help you get 2016 off to a good start. We’ve also included some links to previous TheEmployable articles that we reckon will add a little extra boost to your job hunting in the year ahead.

So without further ado, here’s a pretty useful rundown of TheEmployable articles which are all related to searching and applying for Jobs. (handy link to our e-book here too on this very subject).

Job Searching

Let’s start at the beginning. If you need some help with organising your job search or putting structure in your job search – well the links we’ve included will take you to the right place.

jobsearchingIf this is your first job search check out our basic tips posts on finding your first job, or if you are re-entering the jobs market, our job searching tips post for the jobseeker re-entering the jobs market might be for you.

One of the most annoying and potentially long term elements of getting a new job is the “job search’ itself. With this in mind and if Job Searching has been a long term pet hate, it might be wise to read up on beating the Job Searching blues. Or, if you think that perhaps your approach to searching for a new job has been letting you down, then a read over our previous post on some of the top job searching mistakes you can make might be a good idea.

Finally, if you think you have all of the above covered, but are short for time, our article on how to save time in your job search could actually save you a load of effort and stress!

Job Descriptions

You finally find a job that you want to apply for! But first before you apply, remember there is an art to reading job descriptions as highlighted in our previous tips posts – Top Tips for applicants to read job specs successfully and misleading job descriptions – some things to look out for.jobdescription

Job Applications

Okay – you are ready to apply for that job! But first before you email the recruiter back, put pen the paper, or start updating your CV, read over our previous posts on Job Applications – Basic Tips and Top Tips for completing Job Application forms. And once that application form has been sent and the dust settles – don’t call for job application feedback without considering what is acceptable. Check out our Job Application follow up etiquette.

And Finally…

Job Searching and Applying isn’t always a success, so read over these 27 reasons why you might not get that Job and see how many you can improve on or haven’t previously considered!

If you are in the midst of Searching and Applying for Jobsdo also feel free to check out our e-book on the very same subject.



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