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Dealing with Long Term Unemployment – Some Top Tips

Dealing with Long Term Unemployment – Some Top Tips…

It certainly isn’t a crime to be unemployed, but it is criminal to stereotype all of the long term unemployed as being disinterested in finding a job.

Here at TheEmployable, we know only too well the sense of uncertainty and dissatisfaction that long term unemployment can bring. With this in mind, we wanted to share with you a few helpful thoughts that may serve you well at some point now or in the future, when the reality of unemployment kicks in…

Being unemployed does not mean you are not employable!

Keep this in mind all the time – in fact try to keep it as your personal mantra. The folk you see walking back and forwards from work every day – they are no more employable than you. They are just lucky enough to be in a position of employment at the moment. Some of us through job loss, redundancy, or luck (or lack of it) suddenly face unemployment. Others, may struggle at interview, or lack substance on our CVs. However, this does not mean that if you were employed you would be the weak link. Try to keep this in mind, when you are feeling low or questioning your own ability. It may help you when an opportunity arises.

Try to support your mind and your mindset…
Having a powerful personal self belief is great, and point one is a great place to start. However, you may also need to take steps to strengthen your mind and your mindset. By this I mean, that just like an athlete needs to train to perform better, you too may need to take steps to get in the right mindset. Now, I personally am no Uri Geller, but I do know that activities such as sport, reading, learning, socialising, meditation and so on, can all have a positive impact on your state of mind. Having a healthy state of mind can be key to you finding employment, and also dealing with the impact that long term unemployment can bring.

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