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Dealing with Long Term Unemployment – Some Top Tips

Value your unemployment

While you are unemployed, as long as you are trying your best to search and apply for jobs (or even create your own job), what else can you possibly do? Well a good place to start, is to appreciate the advantages that unemployment can give you. Now, admittedly unemployment can be really really tough both psychologically and financially. However, while you are unemployed, don’t beat yourself up for having more time to do the things you really enjoy doing. For example, you can get to spend more quality time with your family, or being the house husband or wife, or being creative and taking up new hobbies. Keeping yourself busy and appreciating the time that unemployment can give you, is better than moping about and getting increasingly down about your circumstances.

Keep your routine
It is ideal however that you create and maintain a routine. A 9-5 unemployed day so to speak. Getting up early and not
sleeping in, not watching trashy daytime TV, and doing some daily exercise or activity, will all help you stay focused when you do then set about your job search activities. If you focus on only searching for jobs, whilst lying in the comfort of your bed, then be prepared for every day to become a groundhog day disaster.

We hope that these tips on dealing with long term unemployment may help. We appreciate that you cannot throw a magic wand at your unemployment situation and hope that it goes away. However we do hope that these tips, can at some point help you out, when you need a pick me up. And remember most of all – you are employable.

Hail the Employable!!

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