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Five Ways to Relaunch Your Personal Brand

There are many reasons to consider a professional rebrand. It can position you as an expert in your niche or sector or help you reach your professional goals. A rebrand can also help you to stand out from the crowd and to re-engage with your audience.

Whatever your motivation, if it’s time to give your personal brand an overhaul, here are five tips for achieving a successful relaunch.

1. Define Your Rebranding Goals

A rebrand takes time and resources. So before you jump in, be sure to define what you want to achieve from revamping and building your personal brand.

Is the aim to get more job leads or to create authority? Maybe you want to increase your revenue or update your online and offline presence to reflect what you do more accurately. Writing out a concise mission statement or a list of concrete goals for your rebrand can give you direction and clarity.

2. Reposition Yourself in the Market

Use your rebrand as an opportunity to look at where you are positioned in the market and consider whether you need to make an adjustment. For example, maybe you started as a copywriter but now spend most of your time working on content strategy.

Whatever your role in the market, your rebrand is the perfect chance to reintroduce yourself to clients, past, current, and potential. Knowing where you fit can also help you to tailor your promotional activities.

3. Consider Bringing in Outside Expertise

If your current online presence consists of a DIY website and sporadically updated social media accounts, your rebrand may be a chance to do things more professionally.

From web designers and logo experts to marketing agencies and branding specialists – such as Anthem Branding – there are companies and individuals out there that can take your personal brand to another level. When using outside expertise, the main things to consider are your available budget and the experience they bring to the table.

4. Promote Your Brand

A rebrand presents the ideal ‘excuse’ to reach out to your network. Touch base with each contact personally to let them know about your rebrand – your email or phone call might even lead to an unexpected opportunity.

Social media channels are the obvious widespread promotional tools, and there is evidence they are great for self-branding. However, while it can be tempting to establish a presence across all the platforms that exist, research where your customers and clients spend their time and divert your resources accordingly.

5. Maintain Your Brand Image

Finally, don’t forget that relaunching your brand is only the beginning. For your rebrand to be successful, it is important to maintain your revamped profile.

For instance, set a realistic social media posting schedule that you can stick to and make sure you’re taking every opportunity to get your message out there to potential contacts, leads, and influencers in your niche.

Ultimately, while revamping your brand may seem daunting, it can provide an excellent opportunity to take a fresh look at your online and offline presence. Just make sure your efforts pay off by defining your goals, getting your message out there, and making a clear statement about what you offer.


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