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10 Tips for a Better Performing Office

10 Tips for a Better Performing Office

The concept of the work triangle maximising efficiency in kitchens is widely known but how many companies pay heed to similar principles in their offices?  Office design, layout and equipment are vital – helping staff work more productively, making for a happier and perhaps more loyal team, and creating and impressive environment for existing and prospective clients.  Egan Reid offer time and cost-saving solutions that make a difference to your working life.

  1. First Impressions

The reception area represents your company from the outset so it should be smart and bright, welcoming not intimidating and with a clear purpose.  Comfortable seating is paramount, perhaps some artwork (or framed awards), and a water dispenser.  A bookcase looks impressive and provides storage for company handbooks and training manuals, etc.

  1. Optimum Layout

Unwilling or unable to alter the exterior or the building layout?  Much can still be done.  Related departments should be within easy reach, and there should be adequate workspace and access to computers.  Avoid jumbling departments – different disciplines operate very differently – quiet, studious accountants may not work well near buzzing creatives.  Screens, dividers or the latest pod offices and seats can make all the difference – all the advantages of a cohesive and interactive workplace but affording privacy and essential soundproofing.

The optimum layout will impact everything, from productivity to the thoughts of the team. Even the technology you chose to use will impact the way your office evolves. There’s this article here. It’s an interesting read on technology advancements and the impact it can have on your office. It may be worth factoring tech into your layout to avoid any issues.

  1. OrganiseCustomers 3

You can never have enough stationery and office supplies.  How many hours are lost as staff search for staplers or hole punches?  Or realise, just too late, that the photocopier is empty again?  It’s so basic it’s actually easy to overlook – don’t!

  1. Communicate

Consider whiteboards – the best way to speak to an entire office, make announcements or share informal and motivational messages; they can be wall mounted or portable as space allows.

  1. Filing

It’s inevitable so it’s crucial to make it streamlined and efficient – there’s a huge range of filing systems available so really plan yours and make sure everyone in the office can – and does – use it.

  1. A Pleasant EnvironmentHappy 1000

Countless studies have shown that natural light, fresh air and ideally a pleasant view can aid concentration and output whilst minimising stress.  However, with many offices in basements or windowless units, plants are the next best thing and can also reduce air pollution.

  1. Comfort and Wellbeing

There’s an unarguable correlation between workplace and performance and it’s vital office furniture is comfortable. Backache and repetitive strain injuries cause absence – potentially even lawsuits – so choose ergonomic seating and accessories.

  1. Cool It

It’s impossible to work smart in extreme temperatures so at the height of Summer fans and water dispensers will help avoid productivity slumps.

  1. Invite Staff Input

This goes for every aspect of your business, not just office design.  The people ‘on the ground’ will often know exactly where things go wrong and how to put it right.  Everyone thrives when they’re valued.

  1. Get Expert Help

Egan Reid offer a full space planning and design service to realise your workspace’s potential. Get it done right while getting on with your own brief.


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