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An ‘insiders’ guide – Top complaints about Recruitment Agencies and what you can do about them…

In no particular order, these are all typical complaints, that applicants have with recruitment agencies.
 With over 9 years commercial recruitment agency experience, this ‘insider’ gives you the inside point of view on how, as an applicant to then deal with the issues some of you have had…

1. You send in your CV or your application and you never hear again…                                            

Don’t just send it, it’s your life on a page (or two). Call first, and try and speak to the consultant directly to explain your experience. If they like what they hear, you can guarantee that they will ask you to send in your CV anyhow. Insider tip – if you can’t speak to them, the person who answers the phone, may be tasked with shortlisting applicants by asking specific questions, so don’t despair, explain why you are calling and your experience anyhow, and hopefully their ears will prick up!

If you do send your CV – follow it up! I would not book a holiday and then just assume everything is okay, I would at least expect an email to confirm the booking. Likewise, treat your application with kid gloves and don’t just assume!

2. Go on interview and never hear that you were not successful…

Agencies may explain that “they are at the lap of the Gods” when getting specific interview feedback from clients, and this is often a fair point. However, there is no excuse for not ever telling someone they were not successful at interview, as a recruitment agency will know 90% of the time. But the crude truth is, on a list of priorities, you are not at the top and therefore you sometimes get forgotten about. Insider Tip – Give them time to call you. Call again and ask for news or feedback. Call again. If still no news, call them again and tell them you will have to phone the business direct for interview news. I am sure 90% of the time you will hear back from the consultant asap as no one likes being embarrassed and made a fool of…..and nor  should you.

3. Get told you have been put forward for a job, but no idea who the business is…. 

Very unprofessional, but it does happen in the industry. Shouldn’t, but does. Insider Tip – just ask for a job spec. This does not work all the time, but some Consultants are lazy and copy company details into the job description. Simply copy small sections, ie “leading company that deal with Manufacturers of washing and recycling parts for use in the construction industry” and at least 50% of the time you are likely to find out who the job is for. If this does not work, simply add the location where the job is based (assuming you have been told this) and also the copied section and this will help too.

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