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Don’t Quit Your Job for Drug Treatment

Stop Your Drug or Alcohol Addiction Without Stopping Your Life. I want to quit but I have to work!

According to drugfree.org, more than 23.5 million people are addicted to either alcohol or drugs in America alone. Imagine the rest of the world! With alcohol being more and more popular among the younger generations and it being seen as an escape for the older generations, it’s not too big of a shock. With drugs becoming more readily available it’s hard for an addict to be able to stay away. With help, you can be cured. You’re not alone. You can keep your job and get treatment.

How do I keep my job and life as normal as possible while getting treatment?

That answer may be easier than you thought. Many places have outpatient programs that offer counseling, question-mark (1)therapy and trigger determination. You don’t have to disappear to a remote island for 6 months just to heal. You can get help and still be home for supper with your family. If you do some research you can find a drug outpatient program like this one offered by Bellevue, right in your local area.

There are many types of treatments. Don’t give up!

Don’t give up if one type of treatment has failed you. Let’s discuss the three treatment options I mentioned earlier. The first one was counseling. This is what a lot of people try the first time. For some addicts, getting down to the bottom of what might be causing them to reach for their crutch can be determined by simply talking with a trained professional. This doesn’t work for everyone.

Another option you could have is therapy. Some people think that therapy and counseling are the same thing. They sometimes can be. There are many different types of therapy. Believe it or not, medication for drug addictions can be considered therapy.

Trigger determination can be found if you’re open to a lot of self-evaluation. Most of us know exactly what job interviewtriggers certain behaviors. If someone cuts us off in traffic, most of us, have a trigger reaction. They call it a trigger reaction because it happens and we may not think before we just do it. For example, an alcoholic should really avoid going to a restaurant for happy hour. It’s just not a wise choice when you’re trying to quit.

Where else can I get help?
Since the world has become more of an open book than a sheltered one, you can find different types of treatment everywhere. The world is more accepting of people who struggle with addictions because so many people do. It needed to evolve into a world of acceptance and not judgement. Some people really just need to be able to relate to another person in order to feel a little better about their particular addictions or struggles.

If you happen to feel alone, or like what you’re going through has never been experienced before, read about others’ experiences and what may have worked for them. The best thing you can do for yourself when struggling with your self-esteem, or total lack of one, is to remember that you are never alone. So many good men and women take their lives every day because they feel like they have no one to reach out to. Don’t do that to yourself. Get help!

My family doesn’t want any involvement in my recovery. Where do I turn?

This is more common than most would know. One would think that finding out that a loved one or family member is getting clean would be a time for joy. That’s not the case for all families. Some family members resent the whole issue and want nothing to do with their loved ones “mess.” When you’re going through your recovery you can’t depend on others to pull you through. Humans are humans. We make mistakes and we say things we don’t mean. If you depend on someone or something to get over your addiction you’re almost creating a whole new crutch. Look to yourself (or God if you’re a believer) for that reassurance that everyone would want when going through a struggle, such as addiction.


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