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How to Become a Holiday Rep

How to Become a Holiday Rep?

Holiday Reps are generally the first point of contact for ‘tour operator’ holiday makers. They are responsible for looking after said holidaymakers and making sure that they have a smooth and enjoyable holiday experience (sometimes easier said than done!)

They are the customer facing part of the holiday, and customer service is the key job duty in this role – not only dealing with the sunshine and holiday repsmiles, but the problems, issues, complaints and on occasions emergencies that often arise.

Generally employed by Tour Operators for both summer holidays and winter breaks –  this type of role may suit a student or recent graduate, who fancies a working holiday in the summer months or a postgraduate period role in the snowy alps.


Whilst ‘good grades’, a tourism related qualification, or a degree in a relevant subject, won’t do you any harm, and may aid any application you make, this is a role that counts heavily on personality and relevant previous work experience.


It stands to reason, but applicants for this type of role should have good background experience in a customer service – preferably in a busy customer facing role. As holiday reps also have the job of selling additional holiday services (trips, events, parties etc.) it would also be desirable to have experience in up-selling and direct sales.  Any experience working in organising events, travelling or working abroad is also an obvious advantage, as is the ability and experience of being fluent in a foreign language.

Type of Person

Without sounding too obvious – it is obviously a clear advantage if you have  a confident and outgoing personality.  This a a role where being face to face with your customers (holidaymakers) is a daily (often hourly) requirement , so having good communication skills and a strong character is key. However, you must really want to do this type of job, to be good at it – there are times when it may feel that you are only dealing with the negative aspects – the issues, problems and complaints, therefore patience, good listening, and negotiating skills and a desire to provide first class service are absolutely essential.

Not only that, but often holiday reps – have to put on a show – (not necessarily in terms of a stage show) but acting out the role of the welcoming and humorous holiday rep character –  so it is always rather handy if you have some natural acting or performance ability!

Good admin, IT, time management and planning skills are also required.

Still fancy a career as a Holiday Rep? Good luck!! We hope that these basic tips help you along the way…

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