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How to be a more productive freelancer – increase your efficiency with these helpful tips

Be honest. When you first became a freelancer and began working for yourself, did you envisage rolling out of bed at midday, working in your PJs and picking up jobs when you needed them? Or is that the image your friends and family have created?

Ask any freelancer and they’ll tell you that working for yourself within the gig economy is hard work and ultimately, relentless. But, it’s not without its perks; you can set your own working hours, immerse yourself within a lucrative industry and be in control of your own success. But for freelancers who are still finding their feet, keeping yourself motivated and productive is one of the biggest challenges they must face. That’s why arming yourself with useful tools and helpful advice is essential.

Read on to find out how to be a more productive freelancer and increase your efficiency with these helpful tips.

Invest in time tracking software

As a freelancer, you might be working on multiple tasks at a time, not forgetting your admin and other responsibilities that can quickly take over your day. Knowing how much time you’re spending on each task can help you structure your days better and even highlight your most productive hours. Time tracking software from FreshBooks.com can help unleash your productivity and give you the information you need to work more efficiently. Also, if you’re working collectively with others on a project, then you can also monitor other tasks that have been completed and spot any minor issues before they become major problems. Utilising time tracking software can give your freelance career the boost it needs to stand apart from your competitors.

Take regular breaks

While optimising your daily schedule and making the most of your working hours is essential, freelancers shouldn’t neglect taking breaks. Taking short breaks throughout the day helps you stay, alert and focused and a proven way to boost your productivity. Whether you’re heading out for a walk, or just enjoying some sunshine in your backyard, get up, move your body and take a break.

Avoid multitasking

The ability to multitask is a great skill, however as a freelancer, attempting more than one job at a time can be bad for your overall performance and can lead to mistakes. If you have more than one work obligation, that’s great. Just remember to separate the two jobs, rather than jumping from one to another throughout the day. Giving each client the attention their tasks deserve is good for your productivity and your finished product. And think twice before multitasking!

And finally, assess your working day and make changes

When you reach the end of your working day, ask yourself if you managed to get everything on your to-do list, completed. If not, ask yourself why. Were you too distracted? Did you not understand the task properly? Or were you spending too much time on social media? Whatever the reason, highlight it and make changes to your working day to increase your productivity levels.



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