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What Makes the Perfect Marketeer?

The world of marketing is diverse, varied and fascinating.  An industry in itself, it also spans hundreds of other business areas, from marketing jobs in the non profit sector, to billion dollar companies.

Many people strive to become successful marketers, and those who take the time to understand the requirements reap red-megaphonethe benefits.  So whether you are searching for charity marketing jobs, or seek to become a high powered professional, it is worth spending time studying the traits of those at the top of the tree.

People Skills

People do business with people. So whether you work in the public sector, corporate or charity marketing jobs need people who others naturally warm to.  Empathy and tact are high on the list of qualities required.


The ability to think out of the box is paramount to the success of any marketing campaign.  Being creative and coming up with fresh new ideas can be quite challenging, but those who excel in this area will always have a job in marketing.

Focus on the Client

As a marketer you must always want to do the best by your client, whether your job’s in the non profit sector, or in corporate marketing.  The focus should always be on achieving quality in order to aid your client.

Business Acumen

You need to understand business; how it ticks and the people involved.  Each campaign is different but the cogs that run the wheels use the same oil.  Using that knowledge will drive a campaign forward.  And it goes without saying that you need to be organised, a team player, and have good communication skills.

PassionMarketing Manager

Passion brings forward inspiration.  Caring about your job and your brand will help you go the extra mile.  Sure, marketing campaigns have been created by people who don’t really care about their product or service, but a true passion will always shine through.  If you love it, so will others.


Keeping going when others have fallen by the wayside will keep you in work.  Have belief in what you are doing and stand by it.  But – never be too proud that you can’t take advice.  Objectivity can be lost when you are very close to your work, so be prepared to listen to others.

So in order to be a perfect marketer you need to be a jack of all trades; a business person, a creative thinker and a people person.  But to a successful marketer, all these qualities come naturally.   For many, it is a calling, and not just a job.

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