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3 reasons why being made redundant is a good thing – by Beth Reacher

Being made redundant can be a dark time; emotions such as fear, anxiety and depression can all
 too easily take over.
It’s not surprising when were preened from an early age to associate our self worth with having a good honest job. When it’s suddenly pulled away from us we can have a full on identity crisis.

In this uncertain time, it’s so important that we shift our focus to the positives of the situation. It’s this ‘glass half full’ perspective that will pull us through + give us the drive to make the most of our situation. Below are three big reasons why being made redundant is a great thing.

You have nothing to loose, so there’s no excuse not to go for what you really want…
Being made redundant can be the final kick up the ass to do that thing you have always dreamed of, be it pursuing that career change or bringing to life that business idea that’s been whirling around in your mind but you never did anything because you never had time or wanted to take the risk. The problem is when you’re in a comfortable job, it’s easy to count your lucky starts and just ‘stick it out’- even if it make your miserable. It’s often the idea we have something to loose or ‘risk’ that stops us from stepping outside of our comfort zone and realising our full potential and true, authentic path. Steve Jobs said it loud + clear wit these wise words:

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice…Remembering you are going to die is the best way to avoid the fear that you have something to lose.” Steve Jobs

An opportunity for personal discovery and transformation…

Being made redundant can give you that time out needed to really deeply reflect on where you have comeand what you really, honestly want out of your career. One of the biggest problems that leads to lack of career fulfillment is poor self awareness as to your key values + the key elements that need to be in place for you to feel engaged + satisfied by your work. We often explain our identity by what we do, rather than who we really are which is why when we’re in a job, we fall into the trap of pursuing other jobs that we ‘can’ or ‘should’ do rather than what we really want. This only contributes to that feeling of emptiness inside + the nagging sense of life passing us by. Having a break from the busy treadmill of work allows you to reconnect with who you really are and rekindle your real interests + passions again which is why for many, being made redundant can be a deeply rewarding time of personal transformation.

Time, Sweet time…
Being made redundant gives you one of the most special + valuable things on earth- time. You can get the dentist appointment done that’s long overdue, pick your kids up from school or go and spend some quality time with your folks. I know in reality, time can feel more like a painful reminder of time out of work but remember, worrying is not going to change the situation + will only stop you from being at your best for your job search + projects ahead. When you feel the anxiety creeping in remember that glass half empty + half full analogy and make a decision to do all you can to secure your future employment and then relish in the time you have. Trust me, you will get back into the “employment’ swing of things eventually+ you’ll be looking back at the time you had out + wish you’d relaxed and enjoyed it a bit more!

Beth Reacher is a life/ career coach, Ex City Recruiter + Founder of TheCareerStylist.com | an inspirational community for women who want to break free from feeling unfulfilled + lost in their career + style careers/ businesses they LOVE, on their terms. If you enjoyed her article you can download her FREE E-Guide from her website giving more tips on how to shape a career/ business you’ll love.

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