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5 Great Summer Jobs

Summer brings with it a whole world of opportunity.

Sun, sea, fun, friends, and laughter, are all great reasons to look forward to the summer months, but if you live in a seasonal climate like the UK, then this time of year can bring with it another rather nice opportunity…the summer job.

These are not just for the students and young folk though, the boom which traditionally happens throughout the summer offers a great chance for anyone to try their hand at something new, gain some fresh skills, boost their experience, and generally have some fun.  Yes, there are many benefits to taking a summer job!

But what types of jobs become available at this time of the year?

We take a look at 5 of the top summer jobs that you should be looking out for in the coming weeks to make the most of the employment opportunities that summer has to offer.

The top 5 summer jobs to look out for

Beach LifeguardLifeguard_tower

Bear in mind that if you want to become a beach lifeguard over the summer months you will need to begin your preparations well in advance. Being a lifeguard is something that takes training, commitment, and lots of hard work, but for those willing to persevere, the rewards can be great; including lots of time outside in the sunshine!

Lifeguards are in high demand over the summer (but barely needed at all during the rest of the year) and so this makes a particularly good seasonal occupation for students, young people or anyone who finds themselves with a little extra time on their hands during the summer period.

Luckily we have a full ‘how to’ guide that will talk you through the steps you need to take to become a beach lifeguard.

Factory operative holiday reliefMoney 200

Factories and other major employers are forced to hire temporary staff during the summer months to make up the shortfall in manpower left by permanent employees taking annual leave. This creates a great opportunity for the seasonal worker.

The enrolment process for these temporary positions will normally be handled by a recruitment agency, so you should get in touch with some local offices prior to the summer season to find out if they will be carrying out any such work!

Cultural Exchange Programmes (Working holidays!)

If you are the type of person who likes to think outside the proverbial box, then you might enjoy spending your summer on a cultural exchange programme. These are jobs which see you travel to a different country to work within a seasonal industry, allowing you to see another part of the world whilst earning some money at the same time…in a nutshell it is basically a working holiday.  It’s also worth bearing in mind that there’s loads of unique benefits which can be gained through getting a summer job abroad

These types of schemes are usually inclusive of accommodation and meals, and will often provide assistance with the booking of travel and other essential arrangements.  The most common types of job which are available as international working holidays are; summer camp staff, cruise liner staff, and tour operator holiday reps.

As was the case with beach lifeguards these jobs will usually take a good deal of time to secure, since the application process can often be long and extensive, so if you want to make the most of such opportunities then you’ll need to register your interest early.

Tour GuideCustomers 3

The tourism industry booms in the months of June, July, and August meaning that there is a wealth of opportunity for anyone keen to try their hand at the role of tour guide.  This is a particularly good job to get over the summer months, not only because it often allows you to work outdoors, but because of the many transferable skills and personal qualities which can be gained and developed along the way.

There are lots of environments where you can work as a tour guide, all of which see a marked spike in visitor numbers at this time of year including; places of historic and cultural significance, museums and galleries, national parks and other local tourist attractions.

Some of the great employability boosting skills that you can get from working as a tour guide include

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Addressing large groups of people
  • The ability to deliver complex information in a way that is easy to understand
  • Organisational, administrative, and time management skills.

Sales and Promotionssellyourself

There’s always work available for talented salespeople, and summertime is no exception. There are countless different roles and environments in which you could work in sales and promotions including shopping centres, telemarketing centres, door-to-door sales, nightlife venues, and so forth.

What is especially appealing about this kind of work is that it’s often casual in nature and thus perfect for a short time span such as a few months. What is also really useful about sales and promotions is that this kind of work demonstrates and refines certain skills which are highly transferable to other careers. Specifically your skills of communication, negotiation, and persuasion will be put to the test in positions such as these, giving you invaluable professional experience that will stand you in good stead for a whole array of further career moves.


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