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5 Ways to Get More Interviews

If there’s one thing that most job-seekers have in common it’s the fact that they apply for lots of jobs and never hear back from the recruiter or employer. With the sheer numbers of applicants for every job vacancy it’s an unfortunate fact of life at the moment – recruiters and employers alike claim that they simply don’t have the time to reply to each and every applicant. Harsh perhaps, but it happens. So how can a jobseeker improve their chances of getting noticed amidst all these applications? And more importantly, not just get noticed, but get invited to interview. interviewimageWell, here are 5 Ways to Get More Interviews – not guarantees necessarily – but simply some basic tips to improve your chances.

Assess the Job Criteria

Job Criteria in any advertisement is there for a reason – to assess what candidates have the necessary skills and experience that the employer needs. It is usually broken down into essential criteria i.e. elements that are absolutely essential for any candidate to have, and desirable criteria i.e. elements that would be beneficial for a candidate to have – not compulsory factors but certainly things which would be an added bonus to have, as it were. So how does this relate to job interviews? Well, if you meet the essential criteria, you have a much better chance of getting shortlisted. If you don’t, chances are your application will go straight in the rejected pile. Don’t waste your time applying for jobs where you do not meet the minimum criteria, focus instead on those jobs where your experience, skills and qualifications match the employer’s  requirements.

Tailor your CV

It really can’t be stressed enough how important it is to tailor and adapt your CV for every job that you apply for. Yes, you must create a standard, perhaps generic CV outlining your skills and experience. However, look on this almost like a basic template which you can modify slightly here and there for each job application. Look at an individual job advertisement and identify what specific experience and particular skills the employer is seeking and ensure that your CV highlights how you have this. Whether it means adapting your personal profile slightly or providing some more detail in certain areas, a tailored CV will make your application more relevant for a particular role. This in turn can increase your chances of getting an interview.

Consider other routes

If you are applying for jobs where it is likely that there will be an abundance of applications, for example, graduate training schemes and the like, competition will undoubtedly be fierce. There may however be other routes and ways that you could get a job with this particular employer. Look at all their vacancies. Are there other entry level roles that you could apply for? These roles may not necessarily be your preferred first choice, however they could open doors to other opportunities down the line. Applying for jobs where there may be slightly less competition could certainly enhance your chances of being shortlisted for interview.

Check your Online Presence

Many jobseekers assume that all they need to do is send a CV and that is suffice. However more and more employers are not just vetting candidates via their CV – they are using Social Media too. Many private sector employers in particular will undertake searches on prospective candidates on Facebook and Twitter etc. It’s important therefore to ensure that there are no nasty surprises awaiting them! If you are fearful that some of the content on your social media accounts could be deemed offensive or inappropriate for an employer to see, then do something about it. Whether that means removing any photos or posts that could portray you in a bad light or simply updating your privacy settings so that your account is not publicly accessible, it’s worthwhile doing it. Your online presence could have a big impact on the numbers of interviews that you get invited for, so don’t ignore it.

Limit your Job Applications

Get more interviews by applying for fewer jobs? Admittedly this does sound pretty unusual advice. However, if you devote and focus your time to applying for jobs where you really meet the criteria as opposed to simply applying for everything and anything, you will improve your chances of getting interviews. If you are continually applying for positions for which you have no relevant skills or experience, you are simply wasting your time. Put the effort instead into the jobs where your background is a good match for the employer’s requirements.

As mentioned at the outset, following these tips will not guarantee that you get more interviews, however they will certainly go some way towards enhancing your chances.

Got any other tips that you’d like to share? Why not let us know via the comments below?



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