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Career opportunities for fresh Graduates

After finishing university almost every one of us faces the fact that the scheme ‘enter college→ keep your grades high→ obtain a graduate employmentprestigious diploma→ accept one of the job offers’ has nothing to do with the harsh reality and successful graduation doesn’t guarantee any employment prospects. Today it is almost self-evident that your marketable major will only draw recruiters’ attention if combined with a certain share of work background. To be a competitive applicant you have a variety experience in the field.  Luckily, today’s labour market has plenty of career possibilities for fresh graduates and those who are about to become those.

Internships remain the quickest way to get all the necessary experience as they are a perfect source of practical knowledge. A lot of studies have shown that the majority of interns have at least one job offer when they graduate unlike students without any professional background. It goes without saying that nothing will make you more “work ready” than actual work as it imparts the skills and confidence to any young person.

It’s also a good thing that universities network with businesses thus having a chance to advertise the vacant positions directly to students. This collaboration is rather beneficial for employers as traineeships and internships are designed in response to business needs and secure the talented workforce required by companies. For the trainees, on the other hand, it is extremely advantageous for a number of reasons. Besides the field experience mentioned above, an intern gets a reference at the end of the course, which is as significant as a CV or a motivation letter; and an exit interview, which can become an actual job interview for the enterprise in case of successful completion of the program.

Traineeships or internships will last anything from six weeks to a six months or even more with the content tailored to your individual graduationcareer needs. The best thing about them is that getting a job as an intern is almost effortless because of the minimum requirements to candidates. All you need is to be unemployed, aged more than 16 and have motivation. The USA currently offers internships in network and communications, Internet services, pharmaceuticals, environmental and renewable energy or basically any other industry so it is impossible not to find something which matches your requirements, whether you have a science, business or language background.

Another possible first step on the attractive career path is participation in an apprenticeship program. They give you a chance to secure yourself a real employment with a real salary and gain real-life qualifications as opposed to classroom experience at college. Companies are obliged by law to pay their apprentices a national minimum wage and what can be better than earning while learning? Apprenticeships are available in numerous locations and at all levels in various industries so you will have no trouble finding a job in accordance with your major choice. Moreover, skills received while working as an apprentice are respected by employers from all over the world. And there is a 90% possibility of keeping your workplace upon the end of the program.

Whether you choose and internship or an apprenticeship, or you are lucky enough to get hired right away as a fresh graduate, there graduatesare some rules of professional behavior you should definitely consider. Remember, the most important thing is to make a great first impression if you are hoping for good references or a quick promotion in the future. Being consistently effective with work increases a possibility of quick success so try to take up some simple office habits which will favour your career. First of all, you should volunteer for tasks as thus you can show you are an eager learner and a keen worker. Just imagine how great a completion of a challenging assignment will make you look.

It’s also a good idea to undersell your potential and make your job speak for itself. Secondly, it’s rather important to learn to manage your time as in this way you get the most fruitful results. The rule is simple – always prioritize urgent work even if you feel like doing something more exciting first. This will raise your chances of overall advancement as an employee. Thirdly, it will help a lot if you suggest solutions to problems you bring up to your boss or supervisor. They want to know you not helpless but reliable and able to cater for the company’s needs. These simple pieces of advice seem basic, but, in fact, they are essential for your future success and prosperity so follow them and stay positive.

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