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Corporate Wellness = Community Strength

Corporate Wellness = Community Strength

Many individuals view corporations as the enemy, but they are not the enemy-provided they are run properly. When the right corporate management, employees and individuals work together, they can not only influence the community, but also change an entire city for the better. Some corporations have actually caused their supporting communities to double or even triple in size. When a corporation opens a new location in a new city, some are capable of providing thousands of jobs. Corporate wellness often equals to community wellness.

Corporations can also provide volunteers and financial support for charity organizations within the area. With workers moving to the area for jobs comes an influx of cash within the local economy and the ability a corporation has to influence the area; communities can grow because of these larger entities. However, corporations also have a responsibility to their employees and the wellness of the community.

How Corporate Wellness Positively Influences the Community

When corporations provide the ability for employee wellness within their organizations, they also provide wellness for the community. A rundown area with very little to offer residents can completely transform with the help of a large corporation. The jobs provided by the company and the employee-wellness they can provide will give the community the wellness they need to thrive.

Large corporations are excellent for charities. When a charity needs donations, volunteers or wants to announce an event to a large amount of people, they can do it through the corporation. By partnering with the corporation, it works in the favor of both the business and the charity. Large corporations need positive media and many feel a strong obligation to help their community, and the community can really benefit form such a large medium of communication to reach far more people than they originally could have. When they partner with charitable organizations, both the community and the corporation mutually benefit from each other.

The positive impact extends further than just charities partnering with the community. When the corporation provides financial benefits, along with many other benefits to the members of the community, it influences every individual and every other business in the area. Not only will the financial benefits help those in the community, but also the employees will gain confidence and the social wellness they desperately need.

Community strength cannot be achieved if the individuals within the community don’t support each other. There are countless barriers and obstacles to this cooperation as well, stemming from a culture of corrupt and misguided relationships between communities and corporations as old as business itself. However, this need not always be the case – when both parties mutually respect and work with each other, progress is practically inevitable.

With a corporation becoming the center of the community, the employees will actually feel a sense of community within the organization. This helps to create a smaller community within the area and it will spread from the employees to everybody else in the area. This is the most successful and efficient outcome of a new business in a community – when both parties work together and mutually help each other’s cause, both the community and the corporation will not fail to see the benefits in their endeavors.


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