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Four Top Tips for Finding a Great Seasonal Job this Christmas

If you are on the hunt for a new job or are unemployed right now and want to get back into work, Christmas brings with it a host of great opportunities, with thousands of seasonal job opportunities opening up. Although Christmas job positions are usually temporary and end after the festive period, many employers will keep your name on a list and give you priority if they’re hiring again in the future. In fact, many retail and store workers started their careers as a fresh-faced Christmas temp. Read our top tips for getting an amazing seasonal job this Christmas.

Brush Up Your CV

The competition for Christmas temp jobs is pretty fierce. With students, single parents, unemployed people and workers looking for a second job over the festive period to bring in some much needed extra money all applying for various positions, the majority of the time you will need to stand out if you expect to get a look-in. If you haven’t updated your CV in a while, now is the time to CV3do so. As a general rule, your CV should be kept short, sweet and to the point – and emphasise your best skills and abilities. There are a number of websites which offer free CV writing tips and even CV building tools to ensure that you look awesome on paper.

Ask Around

Not all Christmas jobs are advertised online. Although applying for jobs online has become the norm, when it comes to seasonal jobs, a lot of stores accept in-store paper applications to keep costs as low as possible. Take a trip to your local shopping centre for the day armed with a pile of CV’s and enquire in different stores about whether or not they are planning to hire any Christmas workers. Even if they are not, chances are that they might still accept your CV and keep it for in the future should any job vacancies come up.

Be Early

Don’t wait for the week before Christmas to start applying for seasonal jobs. Each year companies take on seasonal workers even earlier than before, thanks to customers starting their Christmas retailshopping preparations earlier and the shops getting busier from around October-November. This is the best time to start looking for and applying to seasonal jobs, as it means you’ll be in with more of a chance of getting noticed before the huge waves of applications start coming in nearer to Christmas.

Choose the Busiest Retailers

When looking for seasonal jobs, you should first go to the retailers who are going to be exceptionally busy at this time of year. Supermarkets, gift stores, restaurants, warehouses and distribution centres are likely to be amongst the busiest, and postal service companies also often take on extra staff to handle large amounts of post over the festive period as well.

Once you’ve landed your perfect seasonal job, you’re going to have to find the time to juggle Christmas chores around your work hours! Use the Twelve Chores of Christmas game by Ladbrokes to make it easier.


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