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How to Answer “Why should we hire you? TheEmployable Interview Tips

“Why should we hire you?” Hmmm let me think for a little while! 

The reality is that every question you are asked at interview is asked with the sole aim of determining whether or not you should get the job. The questions are all asked to help the interviewer build up a picture of you and your suitability for their vacancy.

And whilst interviewers will come at this from many angles, at most interviews, they will also approach this directly, by asking you outright “ Why Should We Hire You? “ This question then is one you should always be prepared to answer. To help you do just that, we have put together some basic top tips.

Sell yourself

The underlying purpose of this question is for you to “sell yourself.”  This is your opportunity to highlight how employing you will benefit the employer. You need to ensure that you look at this from the employer’s perspective. After all, they have a vacancy, a fundamental requirement. You need to convey exactly how you are going to be the solution to that requirement. Just as you would if you were selling a product to a customer, think of all the advantages and benefits that you can offer and “sell” those to the interviewer.

Use the job description

The most logical way to approach this question is to look at the job description and what the key requirements are and then simply compare this to your own abilities. Look at your skills, your experience and your knowledge and explain to the interviewer how they all serve to meet the job requirements. Reiterate to the interviewer how you already fulfil the key criteria for the job.

Use examples

It is very easy to answer this question by spouting the buzz words, using the clichés that you think the interviewer will want to hear. However, what you should do is back up those buzz words , should you use them with some practical examples of what you have done to prove that they aren’t just empty words. Think of something successful from your previous experience that relates directly to the job’s requirements and that fully backs up what you are saying.

Differentiate yourself

Think about it. Most candidates are going to answer this question in a fairly similar way. Selling themselves, making the interviewer believe they are the best choice candidate. However, what you need to do here is differentiate yourself from all those other candidates. Tell the interviewer about what makes you unique, what makes you stand out and what extra value you can bring to the job. It is the extra “value” that you can bring to the job that will be of most interest to the interviewer. Explain to the interviewer that you can bring much more than the minimum they are looking for.


Conveying to the interviewer that you are genuinely passionate about this job and their company is essential. You should be enthusiastic without appearing desperate. Explain to the interviewer what the role means to you and ensure that they are left in no uncertain terms that you want this jobs for all the right reasons.

Hopefully these basic tips will help some of you when next preparing for an interview. We’d love of course to hear of any other tips you may have for this question or any answers you have given to answer “why should we hire you?” in an actual interview situation…

Feel free to let us know via the comments section below.

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