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How to become a Bank Cashier

How to become a Bank Cashier? Here’s the basics to help you on your way…

Most UK based banks will expect you to have at least 4-5 GCSEs at Grades A-C including Maths and English. Additional higher level qualifications whilst beneficial are generally not expected for this level of role. Certificates in IT qualifications, First Aid training, and Sales courses and qualifications could all also help your application.

Whilst most banks do have trainee and post GCSE level roles / training schemes the customer facing bank cashier role is more demanding that many people give it credit for. Over the last 5-10 years many of the banks like to shortlist applicants that have previous up-selling experience (i.e. direct sales experience). This is because most cashiers have a responsibility for and are targeted on up-selling products and services to customers when they call into the bank. Whilst aggressive sales experience is not essential, previous experience in targeted retail (selling store cards etc) telesales and/or white goods retail experience can be seen as advantageous.

Type of Person
While we hate using cliches, it is fair to say that that in this customer facing role, you have to be a ‘people person’. This doesn’t mean being all singing and dancing, but it does mean having the confidence to speak professionally, confidently and being able to manage dealing with issues, problems and complaints as they arise. If you would prefer to keep your head down and get on with your own work, a back office role may suit better. Good communication skills and a smart demeanor can also be advantageous for obvious reasons.

Skills to become a Bank Cashier
Maths 🙂 – It kinda makes sense, but you really need to be able to count and count on your feet if you want to work in a bank and deal with handling money.
Good Sales skills and the ability to identify when a ‘sale’ is available
Good IT skills – Banks generally have their own in-house computer systems, however a general ability to use a computer and specific software may be advantageous
Good communication Skills – speaks for itself really!

How to become a Bank Cashier
If you feel that being a Bank Cashier is still for you – you need to work out if you have the above qualifications, experience and skills to be considered. If you don’t feel 100% ready yet, do remember that within a 12 month period it is possible to improve your qualifications or do retakes; gain direct sales and up-selling experience and also work on improving the skills that you would need to be shortlisted.

Most UK banks have internal recruitment teams that recruit directly and they also recruit on occasion via Recruitment Agencies. It is worth both checking out the application processes that most Banks detail on their websites and also keeping an eye out on the major jobs boards where recruitment agencies will often advertise and seek out candidates. Be prepared also to undertake 2-3 interviews, including aptitude testing and also to go through rigorous employment, credit and qualification checks.

Good luck!! We hope these basic tips help you along the way in becoming a bank cashier…

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