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Job Options Which Open Up When You Become A Truck Owner

June saw unemployment in America rise to 4%, according to the Labor Department. This increase is likely due to May seeing 2.4% of employees quit their jobs, the highest figure in more than 17 years. Therefore, if you’re one of the 7 million unemployed Americans, you’ll be keen to start earning cash again as soon as possible. A typical trucker earns $50,000 a year moving fright up and down the country. However, by purchasing your own truck and starting your own business, your job options and earning potential open up considerably.

Delivery driver

Delivery drivers typically secure work from local parcel delivery companies. At the start of the day you’ll pick up a set amount of parcels to deliver to their recipients throughout the day. In most cases you’ll work as a self-employed contractor, although, some companies will hire you as an employee. According to Indeed, the average delivery driver earns $13.72 per hour and the great thing about working in this industry is that it’s an ever-growing one. Statista reports that online sales rocketed from $360.3 billion in 2016 to $409.2 billion in 2017, proving that there’s a never ending supply of packages needing to be delivered by a truck owner like you.

Home removals 

Over the course of their lifetime Americans move 11 times. With the country home to more than 325 million people, that’s a lot of individuals who need help transporting their personal belongings from one home to another. And, as a truck owner, you’ll be their go-to person.You can set up a home removals business using your truck quite easily by leafleting homes in your local area and advertising on social media. However, as you’ll be responsible for looking after other people’s possessions, it’s essential that you obtain liability insurance as well as adequate cover for your vehicle.

Food on-the-go

Love it or hate it, food on-the-go is the go-to option for thousands of Americans on a daily basis. Whether you’re traveling on the highway and are in need of a snack or at the funfair seeking a tasty treat, a food truck is just the place to get what you’re after. It may have once been seen as a fad, but the country has proven that they rely on food trucks and convenient food as 2017 saw the food truck industry top $2.7 billion, according to Inc. With start up costs below $100,000 and an earning potential of between $250,000 and $500,000, there’s every reason to start up your own food on-the-go business.  Furthermore, your running costs will remain stable and so long as you don’t hire any additional staff, your take-home pay will be all yours.

Truck owners have a whole host of job opportunities at their fingertips. Therefore, if you’re seeking employment and don’t already own a truck, it’s worth making the investment as you could make thousands from delivering parcels, helping homeowners move home or by feeding the nation.


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