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Looking out for Graduate Schemes

Looking out for Graduate Schemes

The current job climate requires that little extra to get ahead in life and things like internships, though good, do have their limits. Anybody graduating from university needs to be getting the correct training, whilst being paid at the same time and the likes of internships certainly don’t pay (most of the time). These days, graduate schemes are the way to go forward as a university leaver, as they have everything someone fresh from education needs to get a head-start in the working world. Getting involved in a graduate scheme gets you in the heart of the working environment and builds your skills up whilst earning a decent wage at the same time.

Why apply for a Graduate Scheme
A degree will get employers interested and perhaps your foot in the door, but at the end of the day, you need experience in the work place too. A graduate scheme will give you vital training as you learn the ropes for a period of time that can range between 12-18 months.
Practical work experience is an eye opening process and there are opportunities each year to join companies in finance, HR, banking, sales or even something like actuarial work, so is a great way to get into Star Actuarial analyst jobs.

The biggest benefit of a graduate scheme is that a full-time position at the end is all but guaranteed; so the idea is to make the best impression possible and your employer may just get you on the pay roll permanently. Graduate schemes can be quite versatile also, and employers will assign you to numerous tasks during the graduate period and so will build your knowledge of the industry. Through this process, the company will know where best to place you if you are given a full-time job. They will do this by working out your strengths and weaknesses and will be a chance for you to discover the same. Also, the people you work with, if you’re a good communicator, should become vital contacts for you in the future.

The big bonus of such a scheme, of course, is that you will be getting paid as you progress through the process; it won’t be a massive amount, but it will enable you to set yourself up for when you get a fully-fledged job and the pay rise will compliment how hard you’ve worked on a lower wage.

How to apply
As you come to the end of your tenure at university, companies will be on the lookout for the freshest talent and so will advertise their graduate schemes on related website, if not your university site. There are also a number of graduate fairs around the country each year and are usually placed around key university plots.

About the author: Sam writes for Star Actuarial and you can go there to look at life actuary jobs at Staractuarial.com, as well as a host of other roles and their graduate schemes.


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