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An outlook of the Library Industry

The fields of library and information sciences are competitive and lucrative career paths, especially since the industry is becoming more digitized. There are different areas of work within these fields that are available, but most require a higher level degree. These fields include but are not limited to archivist, information systems manager, database administrator, computer systems analyst, and of course, librarian. These different careers pay varying annual salaries, which can also differ based on location. If one of these interests you, then you might want to check out where in the country will offer the most pay.

Librarians also have the opportunity to not only work in a library, but also to work in for-profit and not-for-profit sectors. This opens up more job opportunities for librarians and can give you a wider variety of job titles and compensation.

Future job growth varies between different branches of library and information science. For example, job growth for the librarian field is expected to increase by 7 percent by 2022, which is much slower than average. On the other hand, growth in the information security analyst field is predicted to increase by 37 percent for the same period, which is much higher than average. Knowing these stats and how they apply to your field can help you decide if it’s the correct career path for you.

Smartphones and digital technology are making a huge impression on library science. Most U.S. libraries offer e-books or other digital media to their patrons. Also, smartphone apps are expected to change how services are offered, from GPS navigation to find books, to making library materials available via your smartphone.

There are a lot of changes taking place in the field of library and information science. In the infographic below, you will learn the specific details regarding what career paths are available and what new technologies are on the rise.


USC Library Science


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