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Re-entering the job market – Job Search tips…

Re-entering the job market – Job Search tips…

Just over 3 weeks ago, TheEmployable published its first e-book “How to Search and Apply for Jobs”Now we offer you a sneak peek at one of the Chapters that we feature in the book; Niche Job-seeking advice, and in this article we concentrate on job seekers who are re-entering the job market….

“Whether you’ve spent your time raising your children, looking after sick relatives or perhaps even been ill yourself and had to take time out to recuperate, there can be no denying that being out of the job market for a while can make the whole process of re-entering the job market a scary one. However any fear you may have can most certainly be alleviated with the right planning and preparation. Check out these handy ‘re-entering the job market’ tips below…

Update your skills

If possible, you should try to determine if some of your essential job skills require updating and then aim to undertake a refresher course or some re-training. Being aware of any advancements in your specific job area or market sector and endeavouring to keep abreast of them will certainly impress any prospective employer. Whilst some time may have passed since you last worked in a particular field, ensuring that your skills are up to date will help improve your marketability to any employer.

Refresh your CV

The CV you present to an employer should certainly be updated. Don’t leave the gap since you last worked unexplained. Even if you only write a couple of lines, clarifying what you have been doing, it will be beneficial. Make sure that your CV details the most relevant skills and the most relevant experience for whatever job you have applied for. Tailor your CV to suit. Don’t simply create one CV and expect that to fit the bill on all counts. The job market is extremely competitive and you need to step up to that competition. Remove any outdated terminology or references. It is often suggested too that removing certain dates on your CV such as your date of birth, or perhaps the dates you obtained certain qualifications can help ensure that you are not the victim of any unfortunate and illegal age discrimination.

Define what you want now

If you have been out of employment for a while, there is of course the possibility that you may no longer want to return to your previous career choice or that you want to change career direction entirely. Before beginning your job search in earnest, spend some time evaluating exactly what it is that you want to do. Identify your key transferable skills and highlight on your CV those which would be most relevant and sought after by prospective employers in other areas. Make sure too that you clearly advise any recruitment agencies of your new career intentions so that you aren’t pigeon-holed into areas that no longer interest you.

Use Connections

It may be a cliché but it is still often true – it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Don’t underestimate the power of reconnecting with former work colleagues or employers. Use social networks like Linkedin to start networking with them and let them know you are looking for a new job. New opportunities could come your way, and recommendations that could stand you in good stead.

Above all, look at the whole thing as a new opportunity – this is effectively the beginning of another chapter in your life where you can explore new areas of work and career options.”

We hope this re-entering the job market tips article is of help. This article is taken exclusively from TheEmployable’s first ebook “How to Search and Apply for Jobs”.  To find out more about this e-book, check out this previous  article. 

Good luck!

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