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Redundancy – The Top Resources to help

Redundancy – The Top Resources to help

Redundancy is one of those dreadful life events that until it actually happens to you, you can’t fully appreciate, or shall we say, understand. It may occur out of viral 23the blue or it may be on the horizon for a while; however either way, it’s a pretty difficult and challenging thing to go through. One of the first considerations for most of us though is regarding the practicalities – whether it’s regarding what redundancy pay we may be entitled to or what notice period an employer ought to give us. Thankfully there are a lot of excellent online resources which are filled with all the useful and essential information that you need to know, if you are faced with redundancy. We thought today that we would highlight some of these to point you in the right direction.

Your rights – UK
This UK government site will help you determine everything from calculating your redundancy pay through to your legal rights to time off to find a new job. It is really the definitive redundancy resource for anyone based in the UK and is continually updated as and when new and relevant legislation is passed. The redundancy calculator in particular is a handy little tool to help you gauge what you ought to be getting in monetary terms.

Your Rights – Ireland
If you are based in the Republic of Ireland, this government resource also covers all the basic you need to know. As well as practical information on how your redundancy pay should be calculated and what procedures your employer is legally obliged to adhere to, there is also an extremely useful FAQ section covering everything from redundancy entitlements to those on maternity leave through to situations where an employer cannot afford to pay redundancy.

Employment Advisory Services
If you are are perhaps concerned that your employer is not adhering to the required legislation, you can avail of the information provided by an employment advisory service. As well as online advice, they generally all also have a telephone helpline that you can call with particular queries. If you are in the UK, ACAS is the best port of call; if you are based in Northern Ireland, check out the Labour Relations Agency and if you are in the Republic of Ireland, the National Employment Rights Authority is the one for you.

Regardless of any redundancy payouts, it may be necessary for you to claim some state benefits until such times as you find a new job. Although individual circumstances may vary, there is a useful calculator on the Entitledto site for anyone based in the UK who would like to determine their benefits entitlement. If you are based in the Republic of Ireland the Department of Social Protection’s website offers all the information you will need regarding aany state benefit entitlement.

Yes! A tad cheeky perhaps; however since being made redundant ourselves, we have built an extensive resource service right here. With tips and advice on everything from planning your job search through to setting up on your own and starting your own business, there is bound to be something here to help. Simply use the search function on the top right and have a look!



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