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Study Experiences That Will Really Blow Your Hair Back

outstretchedStudy Experiences That Will Really Blow Your Hair Back

 There are a wealth of study opportunities overseas, but studying in a western country is more of the same rather than an eye-opening experience. Consider far-flung destinations with a completely different culture, this will expand your horizons 24/7. By studying in the UAE, you will get a unique global perspective on your chosen field. Here are a couple of reasons why a UAE university education might open up some doors.
At the Epicentre of Everything 
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is positioned pretty much at the travel centre of the world. There are
well-provisioned airports in every major Emirate state that service all of the world’s major capital cities such as London, Paris, New York and Singapore. All of these flights aren’t punishing long haul affairs.
Instead they tend to be within the ten hour mark. In 2011, there were around 70 million people who passed through the gates at UAE airports. The Emirates states have some of the most technologically advanced transport centres in the world. So if you get homesick, it’s only a couple of hour’s flight away from your nearest and dearest.
A Home Away from Home 
Abu Dhabi and Dubai were rated as the two best cities to live in in the Middle East in a survey from 2011. The society is open, modern and tolerant. This is coupled with one of the lowest crime rates on the planet. Year round sunshine means that you will always have a healthy glow. You will find some really comfy digs where you can drop your bags and set up home for a semester. Universities in the UAE cover all student accommodation needs.
Cutting Edge Facilities 
The UAE has top class hospitals and healthcare facilities as well as all of the outstanding sporting and cultural venues that you would expect.
A Sparkling Cultural Capital 
It’s not only the skyscrapers that glitter. Abu Dhabi City, the capital of the Emirate state is a thriving cultural centre with some of the world’s best museums setting up shop there. On Saadiyat Island there are branches of the Guggenheim and Louvre, along with the locally popular Sheikh Zayed Museum. From being mostly an oil-based economy, Abu Dhabi has now evolved into a centre of innovation and knowledge. It’s a place where students can get a unique view on the world. The UAE University along with many others offer programs with a global perspective and a local focus that are world class. A degree from the UAE sets students up for a culturally aware and international career.
Author Bio: Joseph Robinson is a well-travelled MA student who has taken part in global learning programmes in the UAE, Spain and the UK.


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