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The Super 8 – TheEmployable check out The Shell Young Entrepreneurs of the Year finalists…

And I can tell you….that this year’s winner…..in no particular order….is not……

Next Tuesday, the 8th November, 8 Super ideas will stand in front of a panel of respected judges to do their final pitch….The next
, in front of a packed live audience, the winner will be announced. No, it’s not some new reality TV show, this is for real, as ideas and jobs count on it…This is the £10,000 Shell LiveWIRE Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards…

The 8 Shell LiveWIRE finalists are shortlisted from the Shell LiveWIRE ‘Hot 40’. One of these businesses on Wednesday will bag themselves the £10,000 prize and the accolade of being Shell LiveWIRE Young Entrepreneur of the Year winner for 2011. As TheEmployable is all up for empowering people to use their talents, skills and knowledge, we thought it was only right to check out the 8 finalists and what they are all about….

Concept Cupboard. The concept is simple. Graduates with a creative background need to gain
 practical work experience, however unemployment is high and opportunities are low. Some businesses need creative support, but cannot afford large costs, certainly when budgets are tight and business is tough.However Concept Cupboard offers Graduates the opportunity to work on creative projects and in turn they can gain portfolio experience and money. The business benefits, by getting a creative and professional solution, but at a cost-effective price. Both parties benefit, bingo! 

myParcelDelivery.com is a price comparison site for Courier services. Imagine Go Compare, but for parcel deliveries. This gives you the peace of mind to shop around, get quotes and the best delivery times for your parcel in one quick swoop. I can imagine that for some businesses and eBay sellers, this is the solution to a weekly problem and offers a one stop shop approach to getting the best delivery service.

Formed last year, Ellexus has designed debugging tools to help software engineers manage the way different pieces of software interact and work together. Engineers can view the system software graphically via the specialist technology they have designed to trace the interactions that occur. Please do check out their website for a more detailed description.

Bare Conductive is an intriguing and exciting concept, conceived by 4 post-graduate students who studied together at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London. They are developing a range of nontoxic, electrically conductive materials. In the fall of 2011, Their two first products, Bare Skin and Bare Paint will both act as a conduit for electrical signals to run across a variety of surfaces. Check out their website to get a full idea of their exciting products and a few cool pictures too.

Pavegen Systems. The technology behind this business is certainly not simple, but the concept behind
 it is. Paving slabs that create kinetic energy, when they are walked on! Love it!  This energy can be stored and then used, and is best served in highly populated areas, where there is a fair bit of footfall. A simple concept, but an idea that both supports and generates renewable energy.

Ever been in a hospital and thought; “A little more privacy would be nice”? Well KwickSreen, offers just that….a portable and retractable room divider which provides privacy and isolation when and if required. But the possibilities are endless, and could save the tax payer a boom, certainly when cost everywhere seems to be an issue! You could imagine that the screens could be used in schools, or offices to provide private areas and you can have them designed with art work too, to make them look a little more aesthetically pleasing.

‘Sleepless in Scotland’ (or anywhere for that matter!) could soon be a romantic possibility for many young
 and old hearts, who are away from their partners. Little Riot have created the most modern of romantic solutions, in that two pillows, where ever they are, can highlight each partners heart beat. A ring worn by each partner and a fabric panel in each pillow, does the trick and you get a warm glow on the pillow and the sound of their heart beat when your head is placed on your pillow!

Estriatus Energy is an environmentally friendly to the permanent hydro power turbines that are scattered across the countryside. Rather than relying on falling water to power the turbines, Estriatus Energy relies on fast flowing water to generate electricity. Hence the Turbines can be non permanent and sit in the water, offering less threat to local wildlife.

I think you will agree that all 8 finalists really are super ideas & it is going to be hard for the judges to make that final decision. Good luck, and we look forward to reporting back who the Shell LiveWIRE Young Entrepreneur of the Year for 2011 is…


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