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The technical side of a job in food

When most people think of getting a job in food, they think of bakers and butchers in their local shops and supermarkets, but there is a much larger world within the food job world and one that is a lot more technical then most realise.

The science and technical ability behind the food industry is pretty vast and the jobs in food tend to focus heavily around food science jobs. There are so many different roles required worldwide in the manufacturing of food that opportunities can be very versatile and vary from one to the other.

Food manufacturing jobs are of course ones that make the industry go around and ensure that products are made to the standards they are, whilst also working to minute details that make sure health and safety is paramount. You can find out more at Yourfoodjob.co.uk Production Jobs, as well as reading the following.

Bread bakery technologist
This role takes a technical spin on what is considered quite a traditional job in food and one that requires a reasonable amount of scientific knowledge. As a bread bakery technologist you would be expected to oversee and be responsible for all aspects of product development that stem from conception, right through to the production of the product and would also include project management. You would need to be creative and be educated to degree level, with experience levels of 2-3 years in a similar role. Scientific knowledge would need to cover improvers, enzymes and rheology.

Senior sensory scientist
If interested in taking the lead on projects and seeing a project develop, then this is a role that would suit you well. Being a sensory scientist would see you using a lot of data analysis and advising departments based on the data you’ve discovered through research and development within the business. This is quite a high profile job within a company and so a masters or a PhD will usually be required, as well as a more than reasonable amount of experience in the food and drinks industry.

Systems engineer
For a more technical approach, a systems engineer will lend their expertise in this specialist area to others in their company to help improve the business and optimising the performance and product quality.
It is basically a role that involves turning your company into a finely tuned machine, whilst delivering support to those around you. To be entirely competent, you would be required to be good at problem solving and have the ability to interpret and analyse data, whilst being educated to degree level with a qualification in engineering or food science.

For more information click here and look to see if you fit the bill in the food industry.

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