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Tips for the Mature Student and Online Learning

Returning to education as a mature student can seem daunting and unfamiliar. However, online learning provides a convenient and easy way for adults to digitally revisit the classroom from the comfort of their own homes. If it’s been a while since you were a student, here are some top tips to help you gain as much as you can from your e-learning experience.

Choose the right course

Before you enrol on a course, it’s important to make sure it’s the right one for you. Whether you want to make yourself more appealing to potential employers or you simply want to educate yourself in a particular area, you will need to establish which type of online course can help you achieve this. If you’re looking to gain qualifications such as GCSEs or A Levels, a home study course question-mark (1)from Oxford Open Learning might be ideal, or if you want to obtain a diploma or degree, you may want to approach universities that offer online learning courses.

Create a schedule

Unlike a traditional, classroom-based course, you will be responsible for managing your own study pace. As an online learner, it is up to you to keep up with your course material and adhere to deadlines without any verbal instruction. You may find that creating a schedule will make it much easier for you to stay in control and on top of your work. For example, you could dedicate certain hours of the day to your studying and use your free time to relax or run personal errands.

Get organised

Between writing essays and tending to your own personal matters, you may find that your study schedule leaves you feeling somewhat overwhelmed. Being organised is crucial if you want to stay in control of your schooling. For example, you may want to read up on upcoming course material in advance or keep a diary so you don’t miss any important deadlines. You could even simply endeavour to maintain a well-kept work area. A tidy desk can make for a tidy mind, so keep your study timeplanspace free of clutter to allow for a clear frame of mind when it comes to your studies.

Stay focused

While learning online from the comfort of your own home is highly convenient, you may find you are easily distracted. If you’re a stay-at-home parent, you could explain the importance of your education to your children so they are more respectful of your study time. Try turning off your phone and keeping other distractions such as the TV to a minimum too. You’ll find it much easier to concentrate and stay focused for longer.

Ask for help if you need it

Although online learning gives you independence and enables you to fit your studies in around your own daily schedule, the distance between you and your tutors may make you feel reluctant to ask for help. It’s important to seek assistance when you need it and it’s beneficial to create good relationships with your teachers. Remember that support is there for you should you need it and it could prevent you from falling behind with your studies.
If your last experience of education seems like a distant memory, following some of these simple tips should help you return to your studies with ease.


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