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Top 5 Tips for New Graduates

The long hard slog may be over…the degree is finally in your hands, but for many graduates the hardest task of all is about to begin. Entering a pretty tough jobs market in such a challenging economic climate is not something to look forward to. Add that to the daily media onslaught of gloom and doom and it is no wonder why many graduates face their future with trepidation and dread. However, the future need not be so daunting. There are ways and means to alleviate the fear and which can go a long way towards making that next step a much more positive one. We’ve put together some basic Top 5 tips for graduates who are facing the “what next” stage. So…in no particular order….



Plan and prepare
If you are serious in your quest to get a job, then you need to spend some time in figuring out exactly what you want to do. There is no use in simply randomly applying for the first job you see, or likewise in simply mass emailing your CV off to lots of employers in the hope that one of them has a suitable vacancy. Time and effort must be spent in both preparing your CV and cover letter as well as in planning your job search strategy. Every step of the job hunting process has to be planned if it stands any chance of succeeding. And please do excuse us for the shameless plug here, but our latest e-book “How to Search and Apply for Jobs” is packed full of information which can help you get that job search strategy honed to perfection. So, go on then…treat yourself….

Use your University Careers Service
Even though you are no longer technically a student, most universities will continue to allow their recent graduates to avail of the services of their in-house career services. Graduates can benefit from getting professional advice on preparing CVs, interview tips, assistance with preparing for assessment centres as well as information on employment opportunities. Check with your university as to what services it offers to former students and how long you can make use of them. Having such a dedicated resource available to you and failing to use it would be a seriously flawed move.

Remember….all experience is worthwhile
Your dream job may not necessarily be awaiting you as soon as you leave university, but that doesn’t mean you ought to simply sit around and wait for it to appear. Gaining work experience in other areas will still be of benefit. Undertaking temporary or contract work will still help to develop your skills. Don’t aim only for the top rungs of the ladder – some of the most successful business people around all had to start at the bottom. Also, gaining experience in other areas can help you come to a decision about what areas you really want to work in. At this point, don’t rule anything out.

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