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Top CV Mistakes You Should Avoid….

Top CV mistakes You should avoid…

You can spend hours, days even creating what you feel is the perfect CV and then you send it off in the hope that your CV is going to stand out amongst all the other applications that the employer or recruiter receives. And perhaps it will stand out – but it might stand out for all the wrong reasons.  Here are our Top CV Mistakes that you should Avoid.

1. Spelling and Grammatical Errors

This immediately shows the employer that you are careless, that you have shown no attention to detail and that you haven’t really put the effort in. A spellcheck function should always be used, but don’t become over reliant on it. Many are set up with Americanised spellings. Also, words can be spelt correctly but simply are not right in the context of what you are writing about – ” there and their” for example. Always re-read your CV and get someone else to as well. A fresh pair of eyes can be all that is needed to pick up on the typos that can easily get overlooked. Also, never use text speak or colloquialisms on your CV. It looks unprofessional and will convey a completely poor impression to the employer.

2. Sending the Wrong CV

We have mentioned previously about the importance of tailoring your CV to suit the job you are applying for. Follow this advice and you may have a whole host of CVs for different types of positions. Just make sure that the CV you send the employer is the right one. Make sure if you have written about your career objectives that they match the job you’ve applied for. Don’t for example express a desire to develop a career in Field Sales if the job you are applying for is entirely office based!

3. Copying Job Descriptions

Don’t simply cut and paste your old job description and duties into your work history. It tells the employer nothing. Nothing about you, that is. An employer wants to hear about your achievements, your accomplishments, what you brought to the role, not simply a list of all the things you were supposed to do.

4. Poor Layout

Don’t make the information that the employer is really looking for, extremely difficult to find. Your achievements, work history and education should be clearly identified and easily found. Make sure all the sections of your CV are clearly labelled and that you don’t have the most important information buried away on page 3 or 4!

5.Incorrect Contact Details

Make sure that all your contact information is correct and up to date. Just changed mobiles and got a new number? Then change it on your CV too. No longer accessing your university emails? Then change your email address on your CV. This may seem like common sense, but is one of the most common mistakes that candidates can make.

6. Telling Lies

You will be found out. Plain and simple. There is no point in awarding yourself better exam results than you actually got. Nor is there any point in lying about where you worked, the position you had there and how long you worked there for. References are checked. Exam certificates are asked for. This my not happen in the initial stages of the recruitment process, but it will happen. And nobody wants to be in the situation of having a job offer revoked simply because the truth has come out. Be honest from the off.

7. Forgetting the Purpose of the CV

Always remember that the fundamental purpose of a CV is not to get you a job, but is to get you an interview for a job. It is a personal sales pitch and should be treated as such. This is your opportunity to impress, to distinguish yourself from countless other candidates. Make sure that you keep this in mind and fully market your skills, experience and achievements in order to land that interview. Remember, your CV is there to sell you.

These of course are not the only CV mistakes you should avoid, but in our experience, they tend to be the most common. We hope you will bear them in mind when you are next sending out a CV.

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