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Top Ways to keep Motivated with your Work / Life…

It’s the start of the week…..you drag yourself out of bed, you head downstairs and make double
roasted, dripped to perfection coffee….but you are running late. You sip your coffee, rush for the door, rush for the train, and rush to work….

However much someone likes their job, the start of the week is always tough. Even if you are one of the minority that actually ‘love’ what they do, there comes a time when your motivation is down and the chips are against us. So to help us all out here’s a few motivational tips to keep on top of your Work Life…

1. Keep it in perspective

When you feel pressure, you really feel pressure. All of a sudden, the smallest of issues, can become a massive deal. You forgot to send that email….you forgot to post that letter…you forgot to call that client…These are all things that can bug us all, when we leave the office at 6pm! So much so (and I talk from
experience) you end up going back to the office to finish the job. This is not healthy. Yes, on occasions you will forgot something important, but try to keep it in perspective. There is nothing worse for motivation, than adding pressure to your own shoulders, as others will try and do that for you anyway. The old cliche, “you’re just a number”, is sadly usually true, or not that far off the mark. The more that the ‘little things’ affect you, the more they will become an issue and a hurdle. That hurdle will become so high that every little challenge will eventually get on top of you and your motivation will drain. When and if you ever leave that job, will those ‘little things’ continue to be an issue? I very much doubt it, as you are sadly soon forgotten, and you also soon forget the little issues anyhow. Do care about your job, but not so much that you end up caring too much.

2. Have a Plan

In a tough economic climate, it is often easy to just be grateful to be in employment, never mind have a long term goal on where you would like to be in your future career. For some of us, that have no career aspirations, their plan might be to just remain content in the job that they do; and this is fine. However, if like
 myself, you have a burning ambition to “do something new”, or feel you should be moving on to bigger and better things; have a plan! This does not mean, irresponsibly quiting your job, or walking away from a promotion, but it does mean making sure that as an individual, you continue to look at the bigger picture. Motivation can dwindle in a job, because you become so ‘safe’ and accustomed to the job that you do. The old analogy “I could do this job in my sleep”, could equal complacency and demotivation. When people say that they were their most ‘creative’ at University, it really means that they are no longer in a job that fully uses their talents or skills. Keep yourself motivated by having a plan, some long term goals, and some idea of where you really want to be. Even if only 50% of your plan comes true or remains relevant, then at least your motivation will remain high, as you are continuing to challenge yourself.

I always had a plan that I would like to start my own business. Redundancy might have pushed me in this direction; but a business…I am now starting to have! Sometimes plans can just happen, but not having a plan in the first place, might mean options are never even considered…


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