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What can you do with a teaching degree?

Whether you’re completing your final exams, or you’ve recently celebrated your graduation, the likelihood is that you’ll be considering your next step.  While its no secret that the newly qualified find the first year particularly challenging, a teaching degree opens many doors.

You’ll have gained a great deal of skills during your time at university, and we’re not just talking about how to handle a messy housemate. Time management, problem-solving, communication, lateral thinking, and team building are only a few of the qualities you’ll have picked up alongside the practical knowledge you needed to pass. All of these things put you (and your CV) in a great position to start your career in teaching.

Simply Education has looked into a few of the best post-degree options for recently qualified teachers so that you can stop stressing and make a well-informed choice about which direction to head in next.

Of course, the most common choice is to dive headfirst straight into a permanent role. Find somewhere where you can complete your NQT Induction, and you’ll be almost guaranteed a secure route into the industry.

If you’re not ready to go all in just yet, supply teaching can still give you a chance to do your NQT year while gaining experience in a variety of scenarios and benefiting from a flexible work schedule.

Similarly, those who dream to travel might wish to look into ESL Programmes, teaching English as a second language in a different part of the world.

Perhaps you’ve graduated, but you’re unsure exactly which area of teaching to get into. In that case, postgraduate study can give you a chance to expand your knowledge of a specific area. Consider, however, that you may be placing yourself in the same position once your next graduation comes along.

No matter which option you choose, a career in teaching is one that leaves you feeling accomplished at the end of every workday. You might have a lot to tackle now, but we guarantee it’ll be worth it in the end.


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