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Focus on Learning Skills that Make You Employable

Entering the job market is no easy task, especially when the competition is stiff. The sad fact is that there are more people looking for work than there are positions available so if you want to land the perfect job, one with a future, you need to focus on learning skills that will make you employable. Whilst many skills are common to your profession, some are ‘extra’ skills that will put you in even higher demand. The point is, no matter what field you are in, there are additional skills that will give you the competitive edge.

One Skill that Is Often Overlooked

No matter what position you are vying for, there is one skill that tends to set you apart from the average job applicant. Believe it or not, that skill is driving. Some bosses don’t like to rely on hiring workers who need to rely on public transport to get to work daily whilst others see having employees with a safe driving history as a boon to the company. Some positions require you to be mobile, such as in outside sales so you should take the time to focus on learning driving theory, how to safely handle various size vehicles and then take the tests to get your licence. Many job seekers fail to recognise the benefit of having a licence, whether or not they have their own vehicle, so keep this in mind when learning skills that make you marketable.

Go Above and Beyond

It is no longer sufficient to get a degree or a certificate in your field of study. Again, there are more people aspiring for the position that you want than you would probably care to know about. skillInstead of simply getting that piece of paper in hand, why not take extra classes in related fields and develop new skills? For example, if you are studying to be an electronics technician, why not also learn various skills within the technical aspects of telecommunications? They are related industries where you can easily wear one hat or the other which would make you much more marketable within a company that needs floaters, or part time employees in both positions.

The Importance of Learning to Be a Team Player

Being a team player takes a special kind of skill set. You need to be an excellent communicator and you also will want to learn how to set your ‘self’ aside for the benefit of the company. Of course you want to stand out from the crowd but no one wants a prima donna on their team who will work for their own glory, sometimes to the deficit of the entire project. Whether in class or out on the job in training, develop a reputation for being a team player and you will go far in life.

The skills you will need to learn in order to be employable may shock you. Not all skills will be immediately apparent when studying within your field but those just might be the ones that set you apart from dozens of other applicants. Always continue to learn and grow so that you will be marketable in a highly competitive world. If you want to work badly enough you will go above and beyond what is required of you and that, in a nutshell, is what you need. Want that job badly enough? Broaden your skill set and that job will be yours.


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