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One in three British CVs contain a spelling error

Check this – almost one third of CVs (32%) in the UK contain at least one spelling mistake, according to recent research from jobs search engine, Adzuna.co.uk. Oops.

Analysing over 3,000 CVs across the UK, the research which took place this month, highlighted the most common spelling mistakes in the study included the words “responsibility”, “liaise” and “university” with also “Communication”, “experience” and “management” also being featured in the top ten.

Whilst spelling mistakes were the most common mistakes made in CVs, the research also highlighted 30% of CVs, yep 30%, contained a gap in employment history that remained unexplained. Gaps in employment – not being an issue necessarily, but the fact that gaps remain unexplained are a real issue and pain for recruiters and employers alike.

cv imageThe report also highlights that the West Midlands is the region with the population that struggles most with CV errors. But don’t panic West Midlands, as only 3000 CVs across the UK were studied, so there’s room to move up that particular league table pretty quickly one might imagine.

Interesting and worthwhile stats, but without wanting to spell out the obvious, make sure you focus on your own CV and make it as clear, accurate and professional as possible, and you won’t become one of the 30%!

Thanks to Adzuna for the stats and also a spell check for many we hope in the right direction!

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